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Popular and fast rising Five Star Music artiste, Harrysong, lost his father two months ago, Thursday, April 9, 2015, after a brief illness. Years back the artiste lost his mother and left under the care of his grand mom, who has been taking care of him till date.

However, in a brief chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he opens up on what he missed about his dad, their last moments together and his upcoming album to be launched before the end of July…


How are you enjoying the success of your career?

For you to be relevant in the industry takes a lot of hard work, grace and determination. So, to the best of my knowledge, I would say I am doing good and God has been faithful.

What has been the secret of your success?

harrysong1Secret of my success is hard work, prayers and always in the right frame of mind. Nothing else beats that. In this career, I have learnt so many things and being focused helps you to achieve a lot of things.

You write songs for yourself and other artistes, how do you create time to record your own songs?

I am always doing my own thing. Either I am contacted to write songs or not, I am always writing at every opportunity. I don’t wait for the need before writing or working, so there’s always content for me and content to give out. ‎It’s all about hard work.

What have been the challenges?

I would say the industry and my family, Five Star Music has been good to me because I do not see challenges or obstacles. All I see ahead of me all the time is loads of opportunities. But the sound has been the only challenge, it amazes me how quickly it changes. But I bless God for grace.

Learnt that you are set to drop an album before the end of June, can you tell us about it?

Yes, I am dropping my album before the end of next month entitled, Talent And Grace. My life and my story inspired me to title the album Talent and Grace. ‎I can never stop being grateful to God for seeing me thus far. It has always been by His grace.

How would you rate the success of your previous album?

The success of my previous album is not to be compared to this one that has not been released because they are two different albums with different contents as well. Things can only get better by the year and I hope for the best for this album.

What kind of songs should your fans expect from this new album?

Expect everything, all genre of songs. Also, it’s all about good music, so expect nothing but the best.

Aside your own singles, any collaboration?

Yes, I have got six collaborations on the album. You do not expect me to bore my fans with only singles in my album, it must be a mix. I won’t be giving names of the artistes I featured but it’s going to be a blast.

How have you been coping since the death of your father?

I have  been fine. Yes, I miss him, but I have  got back my world now. I have now realised that in whatever I do, I have to make him proud and also be a blessing to my fans. ‎But it has been by the special Grace of God.

What would you miss about him?

With my dad, it was never a dull moment. I would miss a lot of things about him but most important, I’ll miss his advice and jokes.

What were your last moments together?

I would say, we always had amazing moments together because I am hardly around him but during our last moments together, we had good time chatting about business, family and marriage. And he kept on advising me all round.

Aside the album, what else should your fans expect from you this year?

After the project, Talent and Grace album, I would start work on my concert which is likely to hold before the end of the year but the concert would be staged in Delta state first before I bring it down to Lagos and other states.


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