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Has Daniella Okeke committed any crime by parading a house and expensive cars?

Questions are being asked about the source of wealth of Nollywood actress Daniella Okeke who claimed she built a big house in Lagos with a fleet of expensive cars in her garage. Now linked to Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide with the registration of a Mercedes Benz GL 450 (MUS 123 EJ) in his name, tongues are wagging about her other cars and the house. 
Constantly flaunting the big house and luxury automobiles such as Mercedes Benz G Wagon and Range Rover, among others, what exactly has she done wrong?

Since it is clear that proceeds from her acting can’t reasonably explain what she displays, has she committed a crime?

Lawyers consulted by encomium.ng maintain that she has not committed any crime yet… Until there are complaints about the source of her wealth to law enforcement agencies. 

Either a whistle blower turns up with details of her assets, and points out that they are proceeds of crime (and it could be from money laundering to outright theft). 

Apart from a whistle blower turning up, law enforcement agents can invite her to explain how she’s making all the money to justify the assets, if they are so inclined. And in this case, she has to tabulate her endeavours to explain how she came into such luxury. 

What if they are gifts? Then the benefactors have to show that they are not engaged in criminal activities. Because she could be accused of keeping proceeds of crime for others.

For the 30 year old actress whose role as Joke in Lagos Cougars in 2013 catapulted to fame, she only needs to get ready ways and means of the assets she’s fond of displaying in case she’s invited!

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