‘He was a great philanthropist loved by all and sundry’,  ALHAJI RASAQ KUKU, Head of the Kuku’s Dynasty


How are you to Chief Bayo Kuku?

I am the Head of the Kuku Family. And I am a few years older than the late Ogbeni Oja.

How did you feel on his death?

It is the will of God. God created elderly and the younger ones. What we don’t know is when we will return to our Creator.

What can you say about his lifetime?

Before God and man, he really tried for the entire Kuku Family. He was someone who did well and he was equally loved beyond his family lineage. He was loved by both the young and the elderly ones. He never abandoned his lineage despite his social status.

What is your advice to people who looked up to him?

I will simply advise them to do well, and emulate his sterling character. He was good. If he didn’t do well, people won’t tolerate him despite his wealth.

Sir, may we know your age?

I am close to 90. The deceased is my younger brother.

When were you made the Mogaji of the Kuku Dynasty?

That was over 4 years ago. They refer to me as the Kabiyesi of the Kuku Dynasty. I am saddled with the responsibility of settling disputes within the family.

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