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Here are the lies in the confessions of Evans and wife

The confessions of Chukwudumeje George and Uchenna Precious Onwuamadike don’t tally on many fronts as husband and wife hardly agreed on dates and accounts of the ‘crafty, rich, notorious and brilliant’ kidnapper’s ferocious exploits.

The stories of the 36 year old kingpin popularly called Evans and his wife’s, who’s 31, have many lies and loopholes confounding keen students of logic.


Here are the lies in their confessions so far as compiled by


  1. Uchenna was a final year student of All Saints Secondary School in Oraifite (Anambra state) when she ran into Chukwudumeje.

Was this in 2001, 2003 or 2006?

Chukwudumeje claimed she was 15 when they met. If she’s 31 now, it means she was born in 1986, and they met in 2001.

But she claimed they met when she was 17 (which is 2003).

But her brother cited 2006, when she was 20.

So, when exactly did they meet as she was returning from ‘lesson’ in preparations for her final exams?


  1. Did she write that final exams, as both husband and wife never mentioned that she did? Did she pass?

And was their ‘marriage’ immediately staged?

As there are no clear dates of when they actually met, so there’s no record of when they married.

It was not even mentioned if marriage rites were done. Since he was already disowned by his father, who asked for Uchenna Precious Okoye’s hand in marriage?


  1. Both husband and wife are confused about the age of their first child, Udochukwu.

While Uchenna claimed she’s 12, Chukwudumeje said she’s 10.

If she’s 12, she was born in 2005; and if 10, in 2007.

She claimed they have been an item since 2004 (13 years ago).


  1. They have five children – three boys and two girls. But she claimed they hardly lived together, spent years apart.

She lived in the village with his mother (Lady Chinwe Nwosu Onwuamadike) for three years in Akammili village.

They relocated to Lagos in 2006 (which means the village tale happened in 2003!).

The wife and children were back in the village after spending only one year in Satellite town (Lagos) as he couldn’t pay rent.

They spent another three years in the village (2007 – 2010).

He moved them to Ghana in 2010, and they lived there for 6 years. Until 2016, when they returned.

She mentioned that she hardly heard from him in 6 years.

So, how did they manage 5 children in 13 years of hardly being together?


  1. What did she do in all their years as a couple? A housewife? Or she learnt a vocation and practised? Or was she a trader?

She claimed she barely survived, owing rent as she borrowed. And once in a while, he appeared and cleared the family’s rent and debts.

The husband mentioned cake making, but did she actually bake?


  1. When he was first paraded, he claimed his wife and 5 children relocated to Canada enroute Ghana.

But his wife claimed they are in Ghana.

Where exactly are they?


  1. She claimed she never really enjoyed the spoils of his crime, only receiving N40,000 monthly allowance twice, and having only N13,000 in her account (at Diamond Bank).

But she received N20 million a few days before his arrest. And the money was for rent and furniture for the house in Ghana.

Did she spend all the N20 million in a week?


  1. She told a story of going to the park in a hired vehicle when they left for Ghana on Tuesday, June 6. And we wonder, with a mansion at 3, Fred Shoboyede Street (Magodo) and a high flying lifestyle with sleek cars, shouldn’t she have questioned travelling to Ghana by road? It clearly showed that they were avoiding the long arms of the law at the airport. They were sneaking away.

And she confirmed that her husband only confessed his crime weeks before. So, why didn’t she report to the Police? Or run away to her family.

But she still received money from the spoils of crime in Ghana after June 6!


  1. The vehicles in their garage are enough to raise a ‘red flag’ for any conscientious person.

She lied that they had three vehicles, but it is clear there were more. Those who knew her in Magodo said she’s an illiterate with bad manners who drove the sleek Lexus jeep to her children’s school.

She was definitely enjoying the spoils of crime as she turned a blind eye to her husband’s secret ways of never picking calls in her presence, switching off his phones constantly, lying about expensive gifts around the house and not allowing her to know his office or shop.


  1. For a man personally served at home by his bankers, it tells how well heeled he is. And pretending to be oblivious of how rich her husband was is incredible!


  1. Didn’t she ever search the house when he’s not around? And seen tell-tale signs of crime like the 126 SIM cards and the expensive N5 million phones?

Can a woman be so careless as to ignore signs?


  1. Chukwudumeje’s parents clearly knew he was doing illegitimate business as the father reportedly got N3 million for his pig and fish farming business and two vehicles.

And the mother has a beautiful house planted in her compound.

While the father feigned ignorance and not seeing his son since 2006, Evans mentioned what he benefited from his spoils.

But the mother has fled!


  1. All the confessions of Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike don’t tally, especially chronologically.

He dropped out of school, became an apprentice spare parts dealers, came to Lagos and sold diesel to buses and trucks around Alafia bus stop along Lagos-Badagry Expressway.

So, why did he join a robbery gang dispossessing traders in luxury buses of their money?

How many robbery gangs did he join? When did he relocate to South Africa to peddle drugs? And when he returned, which armed robbery gang did he join? When did he turn to kidnapping? How many operations has he staged?


  1. He claimed he never killed, but listed many dead people during their operations. A case in point is the August 2013 kidnap attempt of Young Shall Grow Motor’s Chief Vincent Obianodo where about three people died.

How many more has he killed? For an armed robber staging deadly operations weren’t there casualties?

Chukwudumeje is exploring not being charged for murder!


  1. He is trying to hide some of the spoils of his crime only at first listing four houses in two countries and a few cars. And claiming not having bank accounts.

He later admitted owning three houses in Ghana and two on Magodo (3 Fred Shoboyede Street and 96 Emmanuel Keshi Street). He denied any other. His property portfolio is already over a billion Naira!

For the vehicles also, he mentioned a few. But now there’s a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, a Lexus GS460 (N22 million), 2016 Range Rover (N55 million), Nissan pickup (N7 million), Toyota Hilux, Lexus GL49 (N9 million) and grand Cherokee.

The garage of the felon is already over N150 million, and there are more vehicles hidden away.


Many things don’t add up from the accounts of husband and wife. And like in all crimes, lies are the first signs to check. Crooks’ tales are usually full of holes.

Remember that African proverb, “Whoever lies soon graduates to a more deadly crime.”

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