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Highest Crime Rise Recorded at 2015 Nottinghill Carnival

The organisers of Nottinghill Carnival had been slammed by Scotland Yard police over what it terms as ‘unacceptable’ crime rise recorded at this year’s compared to what had happened in a decade. During the event in August, Scotland Yard police issued 134 people with dispersal notices by forcing them to vacate the event. Also, over 3,500 nitrous oxide canisters with a street value of £17,000 were seized, as well as £30,000 of counterfeit alcoholic drinks.

According to Met Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, there are concerns over the stewarding and management of the event to be able to guarantee safety of revelers.

“The carnival’s got great tradition but it’s also got great responsibilities. We cannot continue to provide policing at that level. Considering our financial situation, this is the time to draw the line. It could be done better, cheaper and, I would argue, safer. It has got to be more professional.”



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