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Highlights across the globe (Friday, March 27, 2015)

  1. GERMANWINGS’ KILLER CO-PILOT ‘STILL UNDER PSYCHIATRIC CARE’… The killer co-pilot (Andreas Gunter Lubitz) of Germanwings flight 4U 9525 who murdered 144 passengers and five crew members on Tuesday, March 24,2015, in the French Alps was receiving treatment for mental health issues and had been dumped by his girlfriend. The 28 year-old German who shouldn’t have been flying because of depression and ‘burn-out’ slipped through the eagle-eye of his employers, and passed psychological tests ruling him fit to work. Lubitz, whose  flat was searched in Germany, killed all (from 18 countries) on board the Barcelona to Dusseldorf flight after locking out the pilot and deliberately plunging from 38,000 feet to about 100 feet.
  2. GERMANWINGS’ CAPTAIN TRIED TO BREAK COCKPIT DOOR WITH AXE… Captain Patrick Sonderheimer who was locked out of the cockpit by his co-pilot (Andreas Gunter Lubitz) on the ill-fated Germanwings flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona to Dusseldorf which crashed into the French Alps on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, killing all 150 on board, tried to break the door with an axe.  After being locked out, he knocked repeatedly, banged loudly and later tried to break the cockpit door with the axe as the plane descended dangerously from 38,000 feet at 430 miles per hour. Prosecutor Brice Robin described the final moments of the Airbus A320 following analysis of the data extracted from the black box recorder : ‘The intention was to destroy the plane. Death was instant. The plane hit the mountain at 700kmh (430mph). I don’t think that the passengers realised what was happening until the last moments because on the recording you only hear the screams in the final seconds’
  3. AIRLINES TO INTRODUCE TWO-PERSON RULE FOLLOWING GERMANWINGS CRASH… Airlines are planning to introduce a two-person rule in the cockpit of all commercial airlines following the crash of Germanwings flight 4U 9525 on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, in the French Alps where co-pilot (Andreas Gunter Lubitz) locked out the captain (Patrick Sonderheimer) and killed all 150 aboard the Barcelona to Dusseldorf Airbus A320 plane. The United States of America and a number of airlines already demand that at least two crew members must be in the cockpit at all times. Lubitz, 28, was suspected to intentionally crashed the plane.
  4. EBOLA IS NOT MUTATING AT DANGEROUS LEVELS…The deadly Ebola virus which has killed more than 10,000 people in its biggest outbreak yet in Africa is not mutating dangerously, according to researchers yesterday (Thursday, March 26). They maintained that the analyses suggesting the virus was mutating at twice the rate of previous outbreaks were untrue. The researchers studied patients in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Mali, and allayed fears that the virus is not changing how it is transmitted, becoming airborne or respiratory … but only through direct contact with the blood or  body fluids of an infected person.
  5. CRAZED GERMANWINGS’ CO-PILOT HID MENTAL ILLNESS, HAD SICK NOTE NOT TO FLY ON TUESDAY…A sick note from a doctor giving Germanwings’ crazed co-pilot (Andreas Gunter Lubitz) that ill-fated Tuesday (March 24) off was found by police in his Dusseldorf flat. The 28 year-old former cabin crew who murdered 149 people from 18 countries successfully hid his mental disturbance from his employers. The German suffered depression, ‘burn-out’ and was in the middle of a relationship crisis when he slammed the Airbus A320 plane (en route to Dusseldorf from Barcelona) into the French Alps.

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