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Hon. Mufutau Egberongbe Explains Why He’s Interested In Third Term

HON. Mufutau Egberongbe is a second term member of Lagos State House of Assembly, representing Apapa Constituency I. He is interested in coming back to the Assembly for third term to continue the good work he has been doing for his constituency.

He told ENCOMIUM Weekly why he is interested in coming back for third term.


Why do you want to come back for third term?

The activities of the parliament is by convention. As a high ranking member, the longer a legislator stays in the legislature the more experienced he becomes and the better he is in his ability to lobby for the gains of his constituency. I have been a member of executive of the Kofo Abayomi Community Development Association and the financial secretary of the community development committee of the whole of Apapa I. I am in a better position to identify and resolve the myriad challenges of Apapa LGA.

But in the last eight years that you’ve been a member of the state legislature, what have you done to resolve these challenges?

Through vibrant legislative practice and representation, I have been able to tackle frontally the issue of traffic congestion in my constituency, via motions passed on the floor of the chamber on the traffic situation in Apapa area. I have raised motion for the relocation of tank farms out of Apapa. I have accompanied the Governor and the Commissioner for transport on visitations to my constituency on the deplorable condition of the roads in Apapa. I have sponsored and co-sponsored motions and bills that have direct impact on my people such as the sabotage law, the vocational and technical education law, the physical plan law of 2010, etc.

I have improved security situation of my constituency by supporting security operatives with necessary, security and communication gadgets. I have also impacted on the health of the people too by donating necessary hospital equipment to the General Hospital, Apapa. I single-handedly renovated Apapa General Hospital toilet and handed it over to the management of the hospital. In the area of education, I personally built a primary school at Nanti Village. This is a riverine area of Apapa local government. Apart from this, throughout my two terms in the assembly, I have been distributing exercise books to all public primary schools in Apapa Local Government Area.

I also sponsored many indigent students to different skills and technical courses. In the area of sports, poverty alleviation programmes, community and environmental services, I have done a lot in my constituency in the last few years. I even came up with the new Apapa model plan which I officially presented on Thursday, June 27, 2013, in conjunction with Lagos State Ministry of Physical and Urban Development.

What is the reaction of the leadership of the party in your area to your third term ambition as a legislator?

I have consulted far and wide with the leadership of my local government area and at the same level too. I have also consulted with the rank and file of my party in the area and they have all given me their support and prayers.

Are there other aspirants for the same seat with you?

That is expected in politics and democratic setting like ours.

How many are they?

There are four of us. They are my brothers and sister.

What do you think your chances are?

I am very confident. I am the true face of Apapa. I am acquainted with Apapa challenges right from my primary school days in Apapa Baptist Primary School in 1972 to 1978. I was once the secretary of the Community Development Association (CDA) in the area. I recall with nostalgia the Roxy Cinema, the Kingsway Stores, the Ceasar Hotel, the European quarters snag of Apapa, where we picked fruits on our way home from school. I am very passionate about bringing back Apapa to its lost glory and my people are very much aware of this. I am very confident of my victory at the primary Insha Allah.



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