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‘How I survived three surgeries in one year – Ex-beauty queen, Mina Horsefall

Former Miss Value, Mina Horsefall, is a promising Nollywood actress. Shooting Virgin’s Night (with Stephanie Okereke) in 2005, she has since featured in other Nollywood flicks like My House Help, Girls in the Hood, Beyonce and Rihanna, Area Mama, The Empress, King of the Town, Red Night, Rush House, Secrets and Scandals, amongst others.

The beautiful actress has, however, been out of circulation for almost two years now. And one Wednesday, June 30, 2010, she walked into our office to explain what has kept her away from the public for a long time. Her story is pathetic. Please read on…


You have been out of circulation for a while now, what happened?

I have been away for close to two years.

Where have you been?

I won Miss Value beauty pageant in 2008 and that kept me away from my first love, Nollywood. We were bared from featuring in movies all through our reign. That same year, I had to travel to China to contest in the global version of the pageant.

Unfortunately, I had my surgery on the day I was to hand over my crown. So, I needed to recuperate for about six months before returning to location. Before I could say Jack Robbinson, I had to go for a second one.

That same year (2009)?

Yes, dear. Again, before the end of 2009, I went in for the third surgery.

Woah! You really went through hell?

It’s been really traumatic and painful I must say, because at a point I thought it was all over for me and thanks to God and His divine intervention, I made it through.

So, which was the most traumatic?

I think the last one. I actually thought it was the second one, the ovarian cyst. Then, I was able to get through that. Unfortunately, I had to go for a second one, which is called intestinal onstruction. And that was the most traumatic and life-threatening. I thought that was it. I thought I won’t make it.

What was the first one?


Whose presence did you cherish most all through your ordeal?

The unfortunately thing was that I had my surgery in Ghana. And my family is not there. As God would have it, out pastor – family friend, Ben Avor, he was a pastor in Baptist Church, Port Harcourt, before he relocated to Ghana. So, hes was there together with Pastor Yomi and his family. They were the ones taking care of me. There was also this Dr. Babington.

Unfortunately, that same period, I lost my dad. But the news was hidden from me for a long time because of my fragile state of health. My younger sister had to fly down to Accra, Ghana to pick me. I thought I will die. But I guess God and my late dad gave me my life back. I was rushed to hospital the same time he had an accident on his way to Warri, Delta State, for a church meeting.

He was a pastor?

My dad was a Bishop, the president of The African Church. He was in the hospital for a week, but he didn’t survive. He lived for 72 years.

What do you miss most about your dad?

Everything. I miss his personality. He was a great man full of strength and courage. He was there for his family. My dad was one of the biggest polygamist, and I am proud to say that because he did well for himself and us. We never had any reason to lack anything. He was always there for his family. He was also there to maintain peace in the family as well. I think he was a man in all standard.

How many wives?

Six. We are 39 in the family.

And he was able to train all of you?

He gave us good education from nursery to secondary and the university level. Some even studied abroad.

Has he been buried?

Yes. It was a carnival-like burial because he was a true Kalabari, Rivers State. He was a man of honour. It was more like a state burial. I want to use this opportunity to thank my family, friends and particularly Governor Rotimi Amaechi (River State governor) for giving Chief B. J. Samuel Horsefall a befitting burial.

How is your sister, Sotie, the malaria crooner doing?

She’s doing fine. She’s putting finishing touches to her second album. Thought my dad’s death affected her emotionally and otherwise.

It’s like show business runs in your family. You are an actress, your sister, Sotie, sings; there is also Agbani, a model and song writer?

Really that is it. Thank God she is already a graduate. She has all the time to follow her dream. She also wants to go into fashion designing. So, we are trying to see how we can help her.

When did you hand over your crown?

I handed over on May 30, 2009. Another queen was also crowns this year, but I missed all of the ceremonies.

When are you returning to location?

Next month, after my final exams.

What did you miss about acting all that while?

I missed a lot. I missed my colleagues, director and producers. Above all, I missed my fans. Some of them used to come and watch me on set.

So, how prepared are you to get yourself back to business?

I still have to take it easy because I am still under medical observation. All the same, I am really out big time. Acting is my first love. It’s really fun for me.

But the industry is going down and down as you are staging a come back?

I wouldn’t allow that to bother me. I will be on the positive side, praying for good jobs. It happens in every industry. I think this is just our down period, and we would get through it soon.

What do you think is responsible for the industry’s dwindling fortune?

I think the on-going reform in the Censors Board is responsible for this. And by the time the regulations are over, we would be better for it.

Where do you see Mina Horsefall in the years ahead?

I see myself where God wants me to be. It is not a do-or-die affair. The industry is very vibrant, big and highly competitive. We have so many beautiful young girls trying to do things differently. So, it’s all about you. You have to possess something to make you stand out.

And I think I have something to make one stand out. I will be fine. It’s just a matter of time. I will get there. I am not a threat to anybody.

What really stands you out from other actors?

The fact that I am a born again Christian. And to be modest with the truth, I am very smart and intelligent.

Why are you not married despite your beauty and virtues?

The man is coming. He is on his way. I just want to do it right. It is just to say yes yo the right person.

So, what’s your spec?

God fearing, tall, intelligent and a smart guy who is very understanding.



  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 06, 2010

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