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‘How our businesses have fared so far in the last three quarters’- ENTREPRENEURS

Entrepreneurs are optimistic that the last quarter of 2015 will be far better than the last nine months. Many of them acknowledge that the economy needs urgent attention so as to translate to better businesses…



Business in the first three quarters has actually dragged, maybe partly because of elections, the new government and of course the poor state of things in the country. We have actually managed to get through this turbulent period.

Speculations abound on the state of the economy and how it affects my business.

My expectations include that we see the new government inject new policies and activities that will empower more people so that they can patronise us, that way we can cover up for the lags we experienced in the last nine months. I also expect to see confidence of people to invest in Nigeria and government’s willingness to spare funds for business owners. That way we small business owners can get ambitious to expand.



The first three quarters have been very productive, as we continue to rigorously expand our clientele, involve in more events where we make up guests and even beauty pageant contestants. All these activities, these few months, have made us grow from strength to strength. But for Tooshme Studio and Spa, we can’t rest until we satisfy everyone. We get referrals across the country and even beyond.

This last quarter, I hope we will continue improving, taking advantage of the rise in events and other occasions to showcase our professionalism. We will work assiduously to surpass our attainment so far.



In business, you usually have your high and low moments, so this year hasn’t been different. But, overall I’ll say so far it has been a good year. The business environment has not been all doom and gloom despite the obvious challenges we all have had to battle this year. Although I haven’t completely accomplished my target for the year, I hope to at least complete 90 percent of the target before the end of the year.



The last three quarters of the year have been terrific for my organization. Despite the economic situation in the country, we’re able to record some gains and raised standards and quality of our service. We thank God for these achievement.

And as the last quarter is always the busiest for us as entertainers, our expectations are also very high. But we believe by the special grace of God, we shall do better than the last three quarters.



We have been experiencing low business in the last three quarters, but hopefully, things will improve in the last quarter of the year.

Our expectation is to regain all the lost ground since the beginning of this year and reposition the entire business for the better before 2015 runs out.


FOLAKE SHOMUYIWA, Shomuyiwa Publications

This year has been good business wise, because of the campaign for election, we have been busy as a printing outlet. And also school resumption has also boosted business because we have a lot of order as students resumed for new session.


ATINUKE AWOYEMI, Saint Andrews Pharmacy

The last three quarter of the year has been a challenge for my business, but I am thankful to the Almighty.

Things are picking up gradually. I expect the last quarter to be better and it seems to be promising already.


JOSEPH OMOBOLAJI, Saint Andrews Pharmacy

Business has been really good in the first three quarters of the year. I really can’t explain, things haven’t been going bad at all.

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