How to assemble winner wardrobe without breaking the bank! (2)

-fashion designers, stylists teach us how to look good on a budget

Everybody wants to look good – the ladies want to look elegant and the guys want to look dapper – but not everyone can afford to, because good dressing doesn’t always come cheap.

The rich can afford to splash a ton of money to buy whatever catches their fancy in a bid to look attractive and draw admiring glances and compliments from people; after all, everyone likes a compliment!

But not everyone is so privileged, and thus the rest of us who do not have access to cash stored away somewhere have got to be less extravagant when it comes to our dressing.

The fashion savvy among us here advise on how to look good without breaking the bank…


‘Simple does not mean not stylish or not good looking’ -JEKWU, the stylist

How can one assemble a good wardrobe without breaking the bank?

Importantly, go for the simple things. Simple does not mean not stylish or not good looking. You should avoid big brands designer items, since the objective is to not spend over the odds. You should look to smaller brand designers but that have quality  Also, stay away from trends if you can.

What pieces would you say are important in achieving this?

For the guys, a pair of deep blue jeans is always a good buy, it never goes out of fashion and it goes with almost anything. It can easily be combined with any other item in your wardrobe, be creative! I also suggest that every man should have a black blazer in his wardrobe, it’s very useful.


‘Fashion is an interpretation of your own style’

-SHADE YUSUPH (fashion designer),  January 5 Creations

How can one assemble a good wardrobe without spending over the odds?

To have a good wardrobe without spending a whole lot, you need to invest in comfortable and versatile clothing. You have to understand that fashion is an interpretation of your own style and find ways to always be comfortable in what you wear, not necessarily be ruled by trends.

What pieces would you say are important in achieving this?

Accessories are very important in every wardrobe. Neck pieces, purses, earrings, etc are very important. For instance, you can tone down or ‘glam’ up a black dress with the right accessories. Accessories also help you revamp your clothes even without anyone noticing you are still wearing the same clothes!


Understand the importance of appearance’

-VALERIE BOGLO (fashion designer), Valisimo Fashions

How can one assemble a good wardrobe without breaking the bank?

The expression “dress the way you want to be addressed” might be seen by some as an excuse to spend more than their budget or income. But I don’t believe in the concept of breaking the bank just to look good, because let’s face it, every new outfit becomes an old one after the first use.

Irrespective of that, I strongly support the idea of good dressing because I understand the importance of appearance with respect to how others see and interact with us as individuals. More so, dressing has gone past the era of simply wearing clothes for the sake of just to cover the body, all thanks to changing trends and the dynamism of fashion in our multi cultural society.

However, to dress well and have a good wardrobe without spending too much one could consider the following tips;

First, go for bright colours when selecting clothing items. Most times a bright coloured outfit would get noticed quicker than an expensive but dull one.

Secondly, replicate already-made designs with substitute fabrics. For instance, if a desired design comes in a certain material, it’s not compulsory to use the exact fabric in your design since some other fabrics can give the same effect as the original design when properly combined.

Thirdly, go for dazzling fabrics. Dazzling fabrics speak volumes, making the outfit look naturally expensive and classy without necessarily costing a fortune.

Also, let’s talk embellishments. Cheap fabrics can be upgraded with simple embellishment using haberdashery items such as stones, beads, studs, etc.

Finally, know your body type and shape. There are different body shapes and sizes, therefore it’s not every piece of clothing that would fit you even though it’s your size. Knowing what works for you and applying it would make you look good always.

What pieces would you say are important in achieving this?

Suggesting selections or combinations might be a bit tricky or tasking, especially when this depends largely on individual preference, the occasion or social status of the personality in question.

However, some fabrics and colours work better when combined bearing in mind the image the individual intends to portray. Dark colours work better with lighter shades, especially when used around the lower torso while brighter colours on their part could be embellished for extra effects on the upper bodice.

Remember that dressing is not limited to clothes alone thus, adorning yourself with a charming smile will definitely get heads turning in your direction, and that will cost you nothing financially – it’s free!

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