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How Unoaku Anyadike emerged MBGN 2015 in Calabar (2): ‘I envisaged I would clinch the crown’


‘I envisaged I would clinch the crown’ -UNOAKU ANYADIKE,  Winner Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2015

How does it feel winning?

I feel so excited. This is a dream come true for me.

1-GEDC0633What was going through your mind when the winner was announced?

I was holding hands with my first runner up and in my mind I was praying that the best girl would win. Then, my name was called. It was a great feeling, I can’t explain it. You have to be in that position to understand what I am talking about.

Did you envisage getting to this stage?

Yes, I did. I was brought up to be humble and confident in whatever I do. I guess that helped me a lot.

Is this your first modelling experience?

No, I contested for a pageant tagged Miss Scrupple while in secondary school. It is just like MBGN. I came out 2nd runner-up. I also contested for Miss U.I. I was the 1st runner up. MBGN is like the third pageant I will be going for. I am proud to be crowned as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria today.

It is like going up the ladder, from 2nd runner up to 1st and now a winner, it is awesome.

It is like this has been your dream from childhood, what are the things you did to prepare you for this?

All I did was to read and pray about it. I also told my family about it. I am the last of five girls. I have big sisters who encouraged me to go ahead with my dream. One of my big sisters was also a model.

I also make sure I stay in shape. I watch what I eat. I eat healthy. I exercise once a while. I read how to comport myself, how a lady should behave and so on.

What were you doing before MBGN?

Schooling. I am still a student. I am in my final year studying Psychology at the University of Ibadan.

How do you intend to combine the two?

I will graduate in December by God’s grace and I will do my Masters in Child and Developmental Psychology. I believe one  will not affect the other. They will work perfectly.

1-GEDC0636What pet project do you have in mind?

I want to create awareness about Endometriosis. I want young girls to know about it. Some people might have it for 10 years and they might not know they have it. Girls from 13 should know about it. I will start from the secondary school. I attended Queens College, Yaba, Lagos. I will go there, talk to girls about it. I will encourage them to go for medical checkup. I will also go to other schools as well.

Why did you choose this kind of pet project?

I used to have that problem at a point until I went for medical checkup and they realised it was not endometriosis. When it started, I had to read about what was happening to me because I used to have terrible menstrual pains. Some people end up not having children if they are not treated.

Were your parents in support of you going for MBGN?

Yes, they were in support. My parents are not too strict. They will support anything good you choose to do. It wasn’t difficult. I told them and they supported it.

Tell us about your family.

We are all girls in my family. Like I said, I came from a family of five girls, I am the last born. My father is Professor Chimaya Anya dike. My mom is Dr Chimaya Anyadike. My dad is a lecturer at OAU. He teaches Literature in English. My mom owns a school in Ile-Ife. My mom is Yoruba. She is from Ile-Ife while my dad is from Anambra State.



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