‘How we found ourselves doing music’-Teenage singing duo, Bobby Young and Lex Eye

For young Bobby (Bobby Albert Akpan) and Lex Eye (Lex Albert Akpan) two singing sensation, it is time to take over the Nigerian music industry with their craft. Bobby 14 and Lex 11 both born in the US of the same parents just pushed into the scene one of their singles, Famous. The video is already making waves among the young and trendy. They told ENCOMIUM Weekly the story of their beginning.

For how long have you been doing music?

Bobby: For four years now, since I was 10.

Lex: I started when I was 8.

What was the motivation. Who told you you could sing?



Bobby: Nobody told me I could sing. It is something I do on my own. Once in a while I do rap and sing. My mum heard me rap and told me to go and rap for my dad and he liked it. He asked me if I wanted to do some tracks in the studio, I said why not and that is how it all started

Lex: I love singing when I was a small girl. When I joined my brother in the studio I developed the courage to sing to a large audience.

What is your impression about music?

Bobby: To me, music is like a medium of passing messages across to the people, it is also a form of entertainment. For me, I entertain and pass message across to my fans.

So, what kind of message are there in your music?

Bobby: Never stop believing in what you can do, keep on doing it. Never give up until you achieve the desired results.

Lex: To always believe in yourself, that no matter how big your dream is it is achievable if you continue and persevere.

How would you classify your kind of music?

Bobby: We do hip hop, dancehall, rap. I rap in most of our tracks.



Lex:  I sing and at times I do rap

Who are your heroes in the music industry?

Bobby: In Nigeria I look up to P-Square. Abroad I look up to Kanye West.

Lex: I am a fan of P-Square, Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage. Abroad, I look up to Brandy.

How do you manage all these with your education?

Bobby: We don’t do music during school time, we go to school and we do more music during the holidays. We write songs and go to the studio.

Lex: We do more music during holidays and sometimes on Fridays and in the evening. We mix some lyrics in the studio. But Monday to Friday, we concentrate on our education

What was the initial reaction of your parents when you decided to sing and at the same time school?

Bobby: They were pleased with it, they like it. They encouraged us that we are blessed with talents.

Lex: They supported us and we are happy about it. They were proud of us and encouraged us. As a young girl, I assist my mom in the kitchen.

Tell us some of the shows you have done since you started?

Bobby: We performed at the Calabar Carnival. We were at different shows across Nigeria and we are good at it. We have done a lot of shows, anyway.

Can we classify you as a singing duo?

Bobby: We are just individual artistes working together

What does the future hold for the two of you?

Bobby: We don’t know yet until we get there

In your music video, Famous you used more of white attire, everything in the video was white. What concept was that?

Bobby: Whenever we performed we wear white, that is like our own signature style

Lex: Yes, it is our signature, conceived by our dad and mum.

Where did Bobby and Lex grow up?

Bobby: I was born in New Jersey, I grew up in Florida and Delaware USA, a little bit in Calabar and Akwa Ibom.

Lex: I was born in Newark. I also grew up in Florida and Delaware, USA. We moved to Nigeria and we are now living in Calabar.

Can you speak your local language?

Bobby: No.

Lex: I only understand it, I can’t speak it fluently.

While growing up what were your dreams and aspirations?

Bobby: I want to become an agriculturist, because I am very good at agriculture.

Lex: To become a medical doctor.


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