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How we keep our children busy during this vacation

Long vacations are sometimes a nightmare for parents because of where they would keep their children and wards while they are away at work. The resources needed to keep them busy is another thing to worry about. We sampled opinions of parents on how they are keeping their children entertained and how much it costs to keep them at home during this long vacation…

It has not been easy at all. I have been settling quarrels every now and then. At times I don’t go to work just to stay with them. They have been attending holiday classes which will soon come to an end anyway. I make sure their teacher give them home work every day so that they can get busy before I come back from work. They would do their home work after which they can play. By then I would be on my way home.
Feeding them has not been easy really, they eat more than when school was in session. I ensure I have snacks at home always. I cook their lunch before going to work and keep each person’s snacks where they can find it. I dare not keep all at the same place, if not they would be fighting and injure themselves before I come back from work. I can’t wait for resumption really. We have spent nothing less than N50,000 in one month.

Thank God for the holiday coaching, that has kept them busy. We all leave the house together in the morning and they return before I come back. They stay at home by themselves, and I ensure I don’t spend too much time outside the house. Thank God I am a civil servant. Once I close at work, I rush back home. Within an hour I am home. The next thing is to settle quarrel. My sister did this, I did that and of course tidy the house because every where would be in a mess.
We were preparing before vacation but it is obvious no amount of preparedness would enough with the rate at which they have been consuming food. We have been buying and buying endlessly since school went on vacation.

They have been going for holiday classes which would end this month after which they would go for vacation at their paternal grand ma’s house.
So, it is a great relief that they are going on vacation. If not, we would have enrolled them in a day care till one of us comes back home which is additional money. I have two of them, the first is four and the other is two.
Feeding them has been God. If not for Him, how would one cope? Thank God we are no more buying baby food but the younger one is still using diaper. We thank God for His mercies. We spent at least N20,000 to buy provisions when school vacated, now the things we bought have finished. We are planning to buy more so they can take them to grand ma’s house and our house help would also go with them. In fact, it is a lot of money but we bless God.

We thank God for everything. It was like school should not go on vacation again. Staying at home all alone, the fights, the disagreement, the re-arrangement of the house and all that. We bless God. My husband said they shouldn’t go for holiday coaching because of picking and dropping them off in school. So, we engaged the service of a home tutor for the three of them for one month.
As for the feeding aspect, it is well. We are just trying to cope because they have been eating more since the holiday began. I bought provisions worth N15,000 and my children finished them within three weeks. I have told them I wouldn’t buy anything again until next month. We have to subscribe for DSTV to keep them busy once there is light and we are away.

I had to take them for vacation because I don’t know how I would cope if I didn’t do that. They are in the village with my mother, I will go and check on them by month end. I don’t have any house help with me now. So, we are all by our selves. That was the best thing I could do.
We had to buy food stuffs and took them to the village. We also dropped money so they can be comfortable over there. At least, we have spent about N50,000, just on their trip home with everything they need as well.

We bless God for His faithfulness. We are coping. Before recession, I used to take them to my sister in law’s place for vacation but now, we insisted they should stay at home. Even though their aunty doesn’t mind them coming, it is better not to over burden them.
We have to reactivate our Startimes so as to keep them busy. At least, they can stay on their own. The eldest is 10, while the youngest is four. Once I make lunch, dish it in their packs, we are good to go.
We ensure there are enough food at home and there is snacks as well. I buy cabin biscuit every week, I also buy drinks as well.
I thank God that we could do the little we can do with the available resources while we prepare for resumption.

It is during vacations that parents know the worth of teachers really. I tried taking my leave during this period but it has not worked out for once.
They are all at home, I have a help staying with us. She takes them for holiday coaching and picks them when they close.
Entertaining them has not been easy. We have bought more CDs for spelling bees, games and the likes. We also pay monthly subscription on our DSTV, at least that would keep them busy as well. Most important, we had to stock the house with food and snacks which has eaten deep into our pockets.

Long vacation is usually a nightmare, not because I don’t love my children but the thought of expenses lying ahead of us during the holiday and after resumption. We have been spending and spending and have not stopped spending. First, it was the holiday coaching, feeding at home, snacks and now, the thought of preparing for a new session is creeping in.
We don’t have a choice than to cope. We have been buying and have not stopped buying – biscuits, drinks. We also take them out to the mall once a while since we don’t have money to travel outside the country for summer. We take them to watch movies at the mall.

God has been faithful. We are pushing it gradually. Before we know it, the break would be over and they would resume school. My children have gone on vacation. They are at my sister’s place for the break. It is a lot of relief on my part and the expenses is not there except we are thinking of resumption.

My children are at home playing. I didn’t register them for holiday classes because of the reality of the economy. We just ensured we subscribe for our DSTV to keep them busy.
I must confess that it has not been easy really. Feeding four mouths about five times a day. I used to tell my wife jokingly that I would run away for them. I have spent about N30,000 in two weeks just to buy this and that. I can’t wait for the holiday to be over and that is another nightmare as well because books and school fees are waiting. God will see us through.




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