‘I am expecting N200 million from Being Mrs. Elliot’ – OMONI OBOLI – As film hit cinemas September 5

BEING Mrs. Elliot, by actress Omoni Oboli, will start showing in cinemas across Nigeria from Friday, September 5, 2014. A week before the release, however, a premiere held with stars that featured in the movie and others in attendance, at the Silverbird Galleria, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos. It was a night of fun, networking with those who watched the premiere applauding the effort put into the flick.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to some of the cast around at the premiere.


Omoni Oboli (2)‘It is full of homour’

– OMONI OBOLI, producer and director

ACTRESS Omoni Oboli who produced and directed the movie, Being Mrs. Elliot, has said she is targeting N200 million from the film which will start showing in cinemas on September 5, 2014.


What are the challenges of directing this movie and at the same time playing the lead role?

It was very challenging, I directed, produced and acted in the movie. Sometimes, I get back very late and instead of going to bed, I have to do some other things for the next shooting. I got an average of three to four hours sleep every day. As an actor I have to get enough sleep so that I won’t look funny. Things eventually worked out for good, I don’t regret any part.

You have scaled the hurdle, seen the pain and now you are promoting. How do you feel?

I feel great. I am very excited. I think I am a little drunk with excitement actually.

What informs the choice of the cast?

I have a brilliant cast and crew, they were brilliant. My director of photography is the same director of photography for the movie, Fat Girls that starred Monique. I have people like Pat Nebo, my editor, Steve Sodiya is the best in the industry. We put together very exciting crew, the cast were A-listers – Majid Michel, AY, Lepacious Bose, there is a lot of humour in the film.

How are you expecting the movie to do in cinemas?

I am praying and hoping with all of my heart and soul that this movie do well, because we have to make our money back. Nigerians should come out and watch so that I can pay my children’s school fees.

How much is your target?

I am expecting the biggest money, N200 million.


Seun Akindele & Peggy Ovire-001‘I am impressed with the storyline’ – SEUN AKINDELE

ACTOR Seun Akindele appeared in the movie, Being Mrs. Elliot briefly but meaningfully.

How would you relate your experience in this movie?

It is quite interesting because I have never been directed by a female director like Omoni Oboli. It was challenging yet very fun. The character I played did some unusual stuffs.

Which particular role did you play?

I played Efe in the movie. Efe is a love struck character who fell in love with another character played by Usu Eke. They have the love going on, they had to face some hardship together. All in all it was interesting.

What’s your impression about this movie in comparison to the ones you have done in the past?

It is an Omoni Production and you can’t expect anything less in quality. The filming was quality, great camera, light, the cast and crew were up to standard.

The film was first seen by the president, how do you feel about that?

The president of Nigeria has actually seen me on TV, that feels great.

Are you impressed with your short appearance in the movie?

Of course, I am impressed. In the first instance, I won’t accept a role if the storyline is not interesting.

What is your motivation for accepting roles?

The story has to be very deep, I am a very deep actor and I believe any role I am going to pick up has to be explicit. The movie will do well in cinemas, trust me.


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‘I am passionate about acting’ – JUMOKE ADAMS

ONE of the characters in Being Mrs. Elliot, Jumoke Adams revealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that her passion at interpreting roles helped her in the movie.


Briefly, tell us about yourself and your role in the movie.

I am Jumoke Adams, I am an actor. I featured in the village scene as one of the wives of the community elders where Omoni came to. I was one of those who received her. I liked her, taught her how to cook because she was not used to the village life.

Why would you say the producers chose you for that kind of role?

Because I fit into the character, she needed people with my type of physique. After the costume, I look like what she wanted. I thought she saw I could deliver the role.

What would you say helped you in delivering the role?

About understanding the script, knowing how to deliver your script. Acting is all about passion. If you don’t have passion you can’t deliver. The passion helped me in delivering my role very well.

Is this your first appearance in movies?

I have done several movies. I am the Olori in the New Village Headmaster, I am in Squatters, I am in Bella’s Place and a lot of others.

Is acting your first love or you just found yourself doing it?

Acting has always been my passion. I nursed the ambition when I was a bit younger. My first movie was Married but living single.

Is this what you studied in school?

No, I am a graduate of Yoruba Major, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

How would you describe the movie, Being Mrs. Elliot?

The movie talks about true love, how to find love in an unusual way. It is all about comedy mixed with romance. It is really nice.


AY‘I have always loved acting’  –  Comedian AYO MAKUN

TALENTED comedian, Ayo Makun starred in the movie, Being Mrs. Elliot, as one of the lovers of the main character, Lara played by Omoni. The comic character said this is not his first time of appearing in a movie.


How does it feel being part of the cast?

It feels good. It is something that defines the AY brand in another perspective.

Should we look out for more of AY in movies?

I have been doing movies for sometime now, this is the first one that people know about. I didn’t just start, I have been doing movies way back in the 90s with Jim Iyke. We were in Lifewire, I also did one for Zeb Ejiro way back entitled, Tears in Heaven. So, I am not really new, people are just getting to see that new part of me. I am not a total stranger in the industry because I am a graduate of Theatre Arts.

Which one pays you the more, comedy or acting?

I am yet to find out.

What role did you play in the movie?

I played Isawuru, the village lover.

How would you rate the movie?

Not just because I am in the movie, I will say it is 95 per cent. Omoni Oboli did a great job.


Jumoke Adams‘This is a quality movie’ – STEVE SHODIYA

STEVE Shodiya is part of the crew that did Figurine. He was behind the scene as the technical director in the movie, Being Mrs. Elliot, and also acted in it. He described the making of the film.


How did you come into the picture of Being Mrs. Elliot?

I have been a friend to Omoni for a long time, we worked on Figurine together. Render to Caesar and others. This is her first as a producer and director, I handled the post production, edited the film and I also acted in it.

What role did you play in the movie?

I am the technical director, at some point I had to go in and act when we were short of actors. It’s not that I was really casted. I was available and because of my experience, I had to step in and it was lovely. I played the role of Dr. Kalu, I have been appearing in almost all the films I worked on. I was in Figurine and Render to Caesar.

What are the challenges associated with your own type of work?

The same challenge we face every day. We make sure things are done professionally.

Between Figurine and Being Mrs. Elliot, which is the hardest job for you?

Figurine was the hardest because that was the turning point for film industry in Nigeria. We have to work day and night to get it right. It was very tedious to get the quality we wanted.

What about Being Mrs. Elliot

It is a well shot movie, well directed, very nice. We now have what we wanted, it was shot in three states.

Do you think the movie will do well in cinemas?

From records, romantic comedy never fails. I see a very good prospect for the film.

–  Interviews by FOLUSO SAMUEL

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