‘I am finally back after a long break’ – EME first Lady, Niyola

She has been in the limelight since the days of Tribesmen, Freestyle before she went on break. Now, she is back under a new label as the first female artiste. Niyola told ENCOMIUM Weekly what her fans should be expecting, among others…


How does it feel being the first EME female artiste?

I am so excited to be signed as the EME first lady because, they are bundle of talents. They are incredible people and I am happy to be here.

Why did you go for EME, why not other records labels?

I have always known Banky W from our days in the industry and last year we decided to do a couple of songs together. While we were working, he said he wanted to ask me if I could join EME because there was a plan to sign a female artiste. He said I have good talent and potential. So, I accepted it and here I am today.

Much has not been heard from you after you parted ways with your musical group, Tribesmen, until now. What have you been doing?

I have been around but I have not been doing much until last year when I dropped a single entitled Unpredictable. It was only released online. I didn’t take it to any radio station for proper promo. I just feel like dropping something, my way of giving back to the society before Banky W said we should work on something.

What other things are you into aside music?

I am actually doing something aside music but I can’t disclose it to you. Now, we are celebrating EME.

Tell us how it all began before you got to this stage?

Like you said, I started my career with a group, Tribesmen. I was with them for a very short time before I moved on, joined Freestyle, and later got a record deal with Westside Entertainment. I also left them before I went on break. I am back now with music

What is your input in the EME State of Mind album?

As you know, it’s an album that has a lot of collaborations from the EME artistes but I have also a solo on it. I did a collabo with Banky W, Shaydee, Wizkid and of course Skales.

What is your unique selling point?

My unique selling point is that I don’t talk when it’s not necessary and I won’t say because I am singer, I should be talking when it is not important.

What kind of songs are you into?

I cannot say I am doing a kind of song, either RnB, pop or soul music but I will rather say I do contemporary songs

Now that you’re back, what should your fans expect from you?

They should expect the unexpected, something good from their girl and the entire EME crew.

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