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‘I am not dating my marketer’ – Actress KIKELOMO KUOJO cries

Fast rising actress, Kikelomo Kuojo (Tetisimi) has opened up on many issues, including her relationship with her marketer, Alhaji Bashir Tiamiyu, CEO, Timolak International Enterprises Limited, her latest movie, Itunu mi and why she is yet to find a right man three years after her first marriage packed up, among others.

What’s the latest about your career?
I am working on my new movie, Ituni Mi. It’s going to be a talk of the town movie. I am using this medium to show appreciation to my fans, especially on my first movie, Tetisimi, which was a sellout.
Now, I have stepped up the game. And I am assuring them that Itunu Mi will surpass the record of Tetisimi.
When are you releasing Itunu Mi?
It’s going to be out early next year. For now, I can’t really say this is the exact time it will be released but I am sure it can’t be later than early 2015.
Who are the stars in the flick?
There are many stars in it, including Ayo Adesanya, Antar Laniyan, Tunde Owokoniran, Madam No Network, Wale Akorede, myself and others.
How much did you invest in the movies?
I have spent almost N2 million.
Who is marketing it?
It’s going to be marketed by Alhaji Bashir Tiamiyu of Timolak International Enterprises Limited.
Who is the major sponsor of Itunu Mi?
I am the producer and executive producer of my movie. It’s my personal project.
But the public impression is that hardly could an actress produce a movie without the backing of a man, we mean sugar daddy…
(Cuts in) No sugar daddy behind any of my movies. It’s not unusual to see one or two people rendering one assistance or the other. But it’s only God I rely on in everything I do. And He has never disappointed me. So, He is my strength and pillar of support, not any man.
We believe you’re also aware of the fact that things have fallen apart in the Yoruba movie sector. Which of the associations within the sector do you reckon with at the moment?
I would say the root of all the associations springing up now is Association of Nigeria Theatre-Art Practitioners (ANTP). But with the situation of things right now, I can only say I belong to all the associations, until the whole issue is permanently resolved.
It’s widely believed that movies are no longer selling, yet you people are still producing. How do you cope?
The fact that movies are not selling fast at the moment doesn’t mean we will stop producing. We can’t wait till everything is alright. After all, we don’t have any other profession. Everybody is aware of the fact that piracy is really killing the business but we can’t because of that run away from it. We keep on producing and praying that our industry survives the tide.
What are your expectations from the new movie?
It’s a movie that’s going to raise the bar and I want all my fans and numerous movie lovers, home and abroad, to be ready to grab their copies, not pirated ones. I am pleading with you all my fans and friends not to patronize pirates any time you want to buy the movie so that I won’t run into debt.
Itunu Mi is full of life touching messages that after watching it, I believe people will be praying for me for a job well done.
What’s your take on the impression in some quarters that before a marketer can accept a movie from an actress, he has to sleep with her?
That’s not true. It’s wrong to think in that direction.
Does that mean something of such is not going on between you and Timolak boss?
(Cuts in) Nothing like that at all. That’s not the issue at all. My marketer is not that kind of person, but I don’t really know about others. Left to me, anything that has not happened to me, I can’t say whether it’s existing or not.
But to be honest, my marketer, Alhaji Bashir Tiamiyu is God fearing, straight forward and humble. He listens to good advice. He’s nice and very accommodating.
We learnt you have found a new love three years after your first relationship crashed, how true is it?
That’s not true. My son is my new love. There is nobody anywhere for now. I have not found any new man. So, I am still a single mother. Where did you even get that kind of information? Please, disregard it, I am still who I am as of now. I can’t say of what can happen tomorrow.
Does that mean men are not throwing passes at you?
Why not? A lot of men have been doing that, but you just have to think deeply before going into any relationship so that you won’t rush in and rush out. Any time I go out, I meet men but that’s not in my agenda for now. My career is the most important thing at the moment.
Or the right man has not come yet?
Yes, I would say that.
That means you will give marriage another shot if the right man comes?
(Laughs) Yes, I will do that at the appropriate time. All I know is that God’s time is the best.


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