Fair skinned Elsie Eluwa is a United Kingdom returnee set to take the make believe industry by storm. Her performance ‎​​​in Desmond Elliot’s Finding Mercy has earned her a place ‎​​​in entertainment lover’s heart. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her on her foray into acting.


Can we meet you?

My name is Elsie Eluwa, a proud Nigerian. I am from Abia State. I was born and raised in Ibadan. I attended Staff School, Ibadan for my primary education, International School Ibadan (ISI) for my secondary education, then went to University of Lagos, where I had a diploma in Sociology.

I left for England where I got my university degree in Accounting from the University of Wales. After I graduated, I immediately went to London School of Beauty and Makeup and started to fuel my love for Fashion.

How was growing up?

I am of the opinion that I have the best parents in the world. I am from a typical middle class family. I am the last child of my parents. My father was a non academic staff in the University of Ibadan, later, he went to work with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

My mom was an interior decorator and a contractor. I grew up comfortable, especially being the last child. The most important thing my parents gave me was very good education. I had a great time growing. I had and still have a lot of love at home. In that aspect I am truly blessed. I have the best parents, best siblings.

download (4)How did your journey into acting start?

My journey into acting began like that of a lot of people in the entertainment industry. I started very young from church and took it into school. I became a very active member of the drama team, both in church and in school. I did one stage drama in the late 90’s As the sun comes down.

That got a lot of hype. But it was about that time I went off to the university and then dabbled more into presenting and media. But throughout this process, everywhere I went, I was just being me but people would ask me if I was into acting. I knew I had a creative streak for a long time, so after I left school, I went in pursuit of creative fulfillment.

I went into makeup and fashion, both of which I was successful at. But, I just didn’t get that satisfaction I desired. When I returned to Nigeria, I wanted to go straight into Nollywood but my friends would not hear of it as they painted the impression that I was going to have to use my body to get in.  After some years, I didn’t get the fulfillment from anything else, I decided to give it a try and that was it.

Now that you’re in Nigeria and fully into acting, are your friends right about using your body to get in?

It is an industry full of men and women.  And where men and women are, they are bound to relate. Men would toast and it’s a woman’s prerogative to accept or decline. As for me, I haven’t gotten one job based on sleeping with anyone. And I haven’t lost one based on not accepting to sleep with anyone.

How did you get your first acting role in Nollywood?

I would forever be grateful to Desmond Elliot for granting me the opportunity even when he didn’t know me. I approached him and sent him my profile and all that were needed to prove I could do it. And one day out of the blues…I got a call.

Tell us about the movies you’ve acted in.

I have acted in three movies so far, the first was Finding Mercy, the other is Misfit of which I’m also an executive producer and Desperate Ambition.

Can you go nude in a movie?

My first instinct would be to say a big capital no. But I have learnt over the years to never say never. But before that can happen, there must be so many right reasons.

What are the things you think needed to be changed in Nollywood?

Nollywood has evolved over the years. But of course, there are still so many aspects that need to be worked on.

Even though we are gradually getting there. No matter how well you can act, we all need to upgrade once in a while. Also when it comes to stunts, we have a long way to go. Our scripts are improving greatly also, we used to be a bit predictable.





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