‘I didn’t intend to remix Woju’-TOBI GREY

Adeyemi Tobiloba, aka Tobi Grey is one of the fast-rising musicians in Nigeria. She did a cover to Kiss Daniel’s Woju, which is making waves and receiving airplay across the country.

In a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Tobi talks about how she ventured into music and lots more…


How did you got into the music industry?

I got into the industry, almost like every other person. I joined the choir in church when i was young. I picked up from there and since then I have been doing music.

What inspires your music?

Many things inspire me. Life inspires me. The people around me also inspire me. Also, my family and my experience inspire me.

Why did you remix Kiss Daniel’s Woju?

I did not remix the song. I actually did a cover to the song. I like to stress that it’s a simple cover, it wasn’t intended.

It wasn’t like I had any ulterior motive. I went to the studio and I just worked on it. I wasn’t even thinking about it, it just came.

How long have you been in the music industry?

Five years.

What has kept you going?

My family is the number one. They are my greatest fan. I get support from them. They encourage me always. Also people I work with too, they encourage me a lot. But the fact is that I love what I am doing and that has kept me going.

Apart from the cover song for Woju, what are you working on?

I don’t have an album yet but I am definitely working on collabos with relevant musicians. I have quite a number of singles, I don’t even know how to start counting. Some are out and I am still working on some. Although I have been in the industry for a while, gradually, recognition is coming. I guess people will have to watch out.

Would you say the cover song blew you out?

It depends on what you mean by blowing me out because before the cover, I had quite a number of songs. Apparently, not many people know about that, but the cover happened to be something that people love. So, it’s not my fault that people like the cover, I won’t say it blew me out.

What is unique about your music?

Apart from the fact that I speak French and I inculcate that in my music, I feel like I have a fresh sound because I don’t sound like every other person. I have my style. My style is unique and the fact that I speak French makes me different.

Please tell us more about you?

My name is Adeyemi Tobiloba Mariam, aka Tobi Grey. I am from a family of five. I have two sisters. I am a final year student of University of Lagos, I’m studying French. I love music. Music is my life.

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