I have always encouraged the growth of women in music, says Sasha P

Beautiful singer Anthonia Yetunde Alabi also known as Sasha P, who is regarded as first lady of rap in Nigeria also has her hands in the fashion industry. The songstress, during a recent interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, revealed why she has been off music for a while, her clothing line and sundry issues…



Recently, Sasha veered into clothing business how has it been so far?

It’s been three years now and it has been amazing and I am thankful. We have been stocked in various places and have clients that order from all over the world. We have also participated in a fashion show, released two official collections and the third one is almost ready to go. God has been good!

Would you say clothing business is more lucrative than music?

I think they are both rewarding. They are individual forms of expression and either of them is just as lucrative as the other.

Is your clothing line made for the general public or limited to special customers?

EclecticBySasha is a fast fashion/ready-to-wear clothing line which caters to everyone at very affordable prices. Our clothes are made to fit women from size 6-16, while we offer bespoke tailoring and bridal services as well. There is something for every woman.

There are speculations that Sasha is being intimidated by the emergence of new female acts, how true is this?

Not at all! I have always supported the growth of women in the industry. The more there are the better. Women are so talented and the media should support their efforts by concentrating more on how well we are all doing in our respective pursuits.

Why has Sasha not dropped another single or album?

The album will come at the right time. I have released about seven singles in three years, the most recent being Recognise featuring Da Suspect December 2013 and my Valentine single released in February, Falling In Love featuring Myst.

What have you been able to achieve as an ambassador of Ekiti State?

I am a cultural ambassador, and what that embodies is the spirit of the Ekiti people, what makes us different, how we relate with the rest of the world and what we have to offer. Ekiti is a beautiful place and we continue to encourage and invite people to visit and experience it. I am working on a few projects targeted at inspiring and discovering new talents from Ekiti State.

What prompted the idea of your weight loss?

I just wanted to live healthier, the weight loss was a result of better choices. It is important for us all to take better care of ourselves by consistently exercising and eating right. I’m glad that a lot of my fans have reached out to me about how it has inspired them to do the same. So, it’s been for the best!

There are rumours that you are now signed to Capital Goretti Records, how true is this?

Hahaha! Capital Goretti are like a family. But no, I am not signed to them.

How would you rate your career over the years?

The Lord has blessed me.

What has been your major challenge?

It’s been 13 years now, I don’t really see challenges anymore. There is always room to dream bigger and achieve more but no good thing comes without a fight. So, no challenge, just opportunities to shine brighter!

Your most embarrassing moment in showbiz?

I can’t recall any at the moment.

When is Sasha walking down the aisle?

When God decides (smiles).


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