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‘I have experienced bitter side of life’ – Adebutu Kessington


On Friday, October 23, 2015, billionaire business man and owner of Premier Lotto, Adebutu Kessington popularly known as Baba Ijebu made good his promise of giving back as part of his 80th birthday celebrations in an event tagged, Baba Ijebu At 80 Gives Back To Lotto Lovers.

Hundreds of fans converged at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere Lagos state. 328 lotto lovers returned home with amazing prizes such as 80 units of LED television set, 80 units of power generating set, 80 units of refrigerators and eight Kia Cerato cars.

The event which was anchored  by actor Femi Adebayo and Doyin Kukoyi kicked off around 3pm. Popular artistes Oritsefemi, Sule Alao Malaika and 2Face titillated from their hit lists.

Fast rising comedian, Akpororo made sure he gave all a dose of laughter from his rib cracking jokes, while comedian Olympia also ensured all felt his vibes.

Nollywood was not left out among those who came to show their goodwill. The likes of Fathia Williams, Funsho Adeolu, Ronke Oshodi Oke, Muyiwa Ademola came to support. They also presented certificates to lucky winners.

The highlight of the day was the presentation of car keys to three winners at the occasion. According to the organisers, the remaining car winners couldn’t make it to the occasion, though their cars were on ground for fans of Baba Ijebu to see. ENCOMIUM Weekly was at the event, and we spoke to the octogenarian on life at 80, business and sundry issues. Winners of the star prizes also shared their joy with us.


How do you feel at 80, Sir?

I feel very good. Thank God for me because turning 80 in Nigeria is not a joke considering all the stress we go through.

What is the best lesson life has taught you?

Whatever position you are, you should thank God. I do everything in moderation.

You have seen it all; riches, fame and what have you. What else do you look up to God for?

I want to thank God for sparing my life, and for blessing my business.

When you started the lotto business, did you envisage you would become what you turned out to be?

I am always optimistic. I aimed that it would grow big. I always wish myself well.

How does it feel to give back?

I have said it times without number that, the only way I can show appreciation to God is by giving a little back from the blessings God has given me to the less privileged because, some people work harder than me and they are not getting results.

Apart from this, in which other way have you affected humanity?

I have done quite a lot, I have built schools, churches, hospitals, I have given scholarships. I have given to orphanages all in appreciation to God for what He has done for me.

One would have expected you to be in politics?

I am not interested in politics and I don’t want to be in it.

What are your success strategies because many people have been in businesses and came out of it wretched?

Honesty and especially, when you look at the type of business I do. When you are honest, people will trust you. You just have to be honest.

What is your advice for the young ones?

They should learn to crawl before they walk. These days, the young ones are too much in a hurry. When you have a baby, it must crawl before it walks. But, children of these days don’t want to crawl before they walk.

Has it always been so good, have you ever had any challenging moment in business?

I have seen bitter period, sweet period and all that. I was not born with a silver spoon. But in whatever position I am, I thank God for it, which is what the Bible says.

What is your philosophy of life?

Whatever position you are, thank God for it.

Most wealthy people marry young wives at old ages, is that the same with you?

Yes, I have a young wife and she is around, what else?


…Car winners speak

‘People believe those who play Baba Ijebu are not responsible’’

– VICTOR CHUKWU. Footballer

Victor Chukwu

Victor Chukwu

How do you feel winning a car?

I am really happy. Some people believe those playing Baba Ijebu are not responsible. Some even think we are jobless.  I will encourage people to continue to play it once in a while.

How often do you play Baba Ijebu?

I don’t play every day, just once in a while.

How much did you use to play for the car?

I used N600. The promo was just playing more than N500 ticket, then you qualify for a prize.


‘I thank Baba Ijebu for fulfilling his promise’

Bamishaye Michael

Bamishaye Michael


How do you feel now?

I am very happy. I am grateful to God. I thank Baba Ijebu for fulfilling his promise.

How long have you been playing Baba Ijebu?

15 years now.

What advise do you have for the youth?

They should try and play Baba Ijebu too. There is hope that one day, they will win.

How much did you use to play for the car?



‘No risk, no pay’’ -TONY IBINOBA

Igbinoba Tony

Igbinoba Tony


Thank you.

How does it feel winning a car?

Winning this car is a great opportunity that has come my way. I am very grateful. It shows that Baba Ijebu is not fake. I will advise people to take risks and play it. No risk, no pay.

How long have you been playing Premier Lotto?

Three to four years now.

How much did you use to play for the car?


Can you tell us the highest amount you have won at Premier Lotto?

N60,000, I have won N50,000 as well.

How often do you play Baba Ijebu?

I play it every day.


I will encourage people to continue playing Premier Lotto’

-Adeboye Isiaka (generator winner)

I have been into Baba Ijebu business for more than 11 years now. I cannot even quantify how much I have spent in playing Baba Ijebu. The highest amount I have won is N720,000. I have also won lesser prizes too. I really feel great and I am proud of it. I am the only person from Shomolu that won this great price.


‘I am grateful to Baba Ijebu’ – Olowu Tajudeen (generator winner)

I have been playing Baba Ijebu since the days we were using coupon. I usually play two or three entries. When I heard about the promo, I decided to put in for it. I thank God that I won. Apart from winning this generator, I have won N420,000. That is the highest amount I have won. I have also won N180,000, N125,000.


‘I had one of the cars in mind but I am grateful for this too’ – Ayobami Adekunle

Having played Baba Ijebu since he became an adult. Ayobami is one of the people that took home a generator. Though, he had his mind on one of the cars, he is still grateful to be part of the winners.

He played with N2,000 and became a winner.


‘I was among the doubting Thomases’ – Muyideen Olayode

I didn’t believe at first when I heard about the promo. I couldn’t believe they would give out cars just like that. I am a teacher, I started Baba Ijebu business when I realised that one’s income cannot adequately cater for a family. I opened a shop as an agent of Baba Ijebu. When I saw the juicy things on offer at the promo, I decided to start staking and here I am today.

One amazing thing is that, the ticket that got me a generator. My salesgirl made mistake and he rejected the ticket so, I decided to pay for it and I won a generator.


‘Baba Ijebu made my life better’ – Surajudeen Adeyemi Shodipe

A lot of people did not believe they could win. Some told me that they were just deceiving us that Baba Ijebu will only pay the people he has selected. In order to encourage them, I went ahead to play. Baba Ijebu is a game of luck. It is difficult for a rich man to give you money. Once you play Baba Ijebu, you are sure you have hope of winning.

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