‘I love Femi Kuti but I won’t have another baby for him’ – Bose Ajila confesses

BOSE Ajila, one of Femi Kuti’s babymamas, confessed at Felabration 2013 she is in love with the Afrobeat king, but won’t have another baby with him.

Though she wouldn’t want people to know much about how she fell in love with the three-time Grammy Award nominee, she insisted she is in love with the father of her baby (Femi Kuti). She spoke more on other issues concerning life as a mother and dancer.


What is your general impression about Felabration 2013?

This year’s edition is awesome.  It has turned out to be a very successful event and that is what we all expected.

What role are you playing towards the success of the show?

I am coordinating the artistes. I have some up and coming artistes I just brought in.

Last year’s show which role did you play?

The same role, coordinating the artistes that performed.

Is that your core competence?


So, who are those artistes you have worked with?

Shebaby, Tobino, Oloso and a host of others.

What about the dance, are you also participating?

No, I am not dancing during the show.

What should be expected of you as a dancer?

I also coordinate the dancers for the show.

Who actually taught you how to dance?

I learned dancing from different places, National Theatre, Black Image, Positive Force.

How long have you been with The Positive Force?

I danced with Positive Force for eight years.

You have stopped dancing?


Why did you stop, is it because of your baby?

Not really, I just had to stop because I wanted to stop.  Maybe to concentrate more on my baby.  We are always on tour and somebody has to stay at home and take care of the kids.

So, that means you stay at home and look after the children?


How old is your baby now?

Two years and seven months.

Are you planning to have more babies?

Not at all, I am done with making babies.

What is your impression about the father of your baby, Femi Kuti?

I love him.

How did you fall in love with him?

That is too personal, I won’t answer that.

What were you doing before you became a dancer?

I am into beauty, I run a spa.

Is it still functioning?

Yes, it is at Surulere, Lagos.

What is your educational background?

I am a Philosophy graduate from the University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos.  I graduated in 2006.

Is spa business what you had wanted to do?

Business of beauty and spa runs in my family.  My elder sister is a fashion designer and she is trying her hands in the movie industry.

Are you also planning to become an actress?

I have done few movies, Apanimayoda, Ikoko Meta.  I also play back roles like make-up if I don’t feature in the movie.






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