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‘I now believe I am truly married’ – BARRYMADE

ALHAJA Modinat Asabi is a famous Islamic singer and daughter of late fuji creator, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister.  In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the Ibadan, Oyo born entertainer opened up on her new marriage and sundry issues when we cornered her at an event in Ikeja, Lagos on Sunday, January 25, 2015…


It’s quite long we heard from your stable, what’s really happening to your career?

I don’t agree with you that it’s long you heard from me. I have been in town, performing here and there.  Nothing is wrong with my career at all.

When did you release your last album and what’s the title?

My last album, Adieu, Mr. Fuji, came out about three years ago.  It’s a tribute to my late dad and it was well accepted.

What are you working on at the moment?

There is nothing much right now concerning my personal album.  I am only working on duets. I realized that single album is no longer selling.  So, I had to meet some of my colleagues, including Mujidat Damilola, Iya n Kaola, Iya n Ghana and a lot more.  And I believe it’s going to work for all of us involved.

But does that mean you won’t release a single album anymore?

No, I will still be doing that. Even right now, I am in the studio for my personal album, Barry Ti de.

Why Barry Ti de and not any other title?

It’s because a lot of people already know me by the name and I don’t want it to just varnish like that. I will like to be addressed as Barry Ti de now, not Barry Made again.  My daddy gave me the name, Barry Made, but now I want to be addressed as Barry Tide.

It’s about four years now that your dad passed on, what do you still miss about him?

I still miss a lot about him.  I miss my dad every day.  I can’t even quantify the kind of care and love he had for me when he was alive.

Since four years of his departure from this sinful world, how has life been, especially career wise?

Alhamdulillahi.  I could say honestly that Allah has been with me all through, even before his death.  And after he passed on, I always receive Allah’s blessing everywhere I go. People accord me adequate respect.  And anything I embark on is always successful.

What are you doing to keep his name and everything concerning his music alive?

I am trying about that. I can even say I am doing a lot to sustain his legacy, especially in the aspect of music. I keep reminding his fans of his style of music each time I perform at any function. I would recall his lyrics and thrill with such.  So, people enjoy it anytime I sing like him. I do that so that people won’t forget him so soon.

That means you’re assuring us that Barry lives forever?

Yes, he lives on in as much as his music artistry is still there.  And I will try to sustain that.

What are the other children doing to keep Barrister alive, apart from you singing his songs?

We’re all trying to ensure his name remains forever in the industry and even outside.  In December, 2014, Barrister Fans Club also organized what’s going to be known as Barrybration for him.  The maiden edition held in Ibadan in December. It was even at that event I marked my birthday because my dad died a day to my birthday.

Last time we had a chat with you shortly after your first marriage crashed, you told us you will soon remarry and that you have found new love…

(Cuts in) Yes, it’s true I said that and it has come to pass. There is no big deal about that.  I have moved on. I remarried in 2011.  I believe that’s my private life and that’s why I didn’t make it public. I don’t even want to talk much about it.

Can you tell us a little about your new husband?

His name is Ademola Nurudeen Adewole.  He is also from Ibadan, Oyo State.

We learnt he is based in the US?

Yes, he lives in the US. He is a car dealer.

How many children do you intend giving him, God willing?

I would like to give him four children, two boys and two girls. But everything depends on what Allah has in stock for us.

How would you now describe the relationship so far?

Very lovely! I really enjoy it.  I give thanks to Almighty Allah on that.

So, no regret quitting your first marriage?

How would I regret?  For what?  In fact, I am really enjoying where I am now.  This is the time I believe I am truly married.  I give thanks to Almighty Allah.


–               TADE ASIFAT

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