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I want to keep Bob Marley’s fire burning, says KING WADADA

Edo born reggae star and Kora Award winner, King Wadada has opened up about his Friday, May 15, 2015, music concert in honour of Jamaican reggae legend, Bob Marley. Wadada explained why he has not released an album after the first two. He also talked about his coming album entitled Omnipotent God.


It’s been a while you released an album, what has been happening to you?

King Wadada

King Wadada

Yes, it is true I’ve not released an album in a while because I have been working. For big artistes like us, we need a company to empower us. I personally need a company to empower me in my career because it is not something I will just do on my own.

If I do it on my own, it’s just like greeting the country. So I myself is a company but I need a bigger company that has an upper hand to take control of my project. My project is a multi-million naira affair, so I’m waiting for a good sponsor so that I can come out good and everybody will enjoy me.

A lot of artistes are working hard to release a single every week but the kind of music I do does not allow that. The kind of music that is reigning now are choruses. I’m a musician, so for you to be a musician, you have to prepare yourself and come out well not just a singer but a musician.

I thank God for helping me and I know singers are making money but I cannot reduce my standard to make money as a singer.

How many albums have you released so far?

I have released two great albums I started over 30 years ago. Though I’m supposed to come up with at least four albums but due to some misunderstanding I had with my producer, they delayed my album. Now, I need sponsors to be able to come up with my third album entitled Omnipotent God which is going to be on air any moment from now with my single, Give women a chance.

It is dedicated to all women, which I believe they will enjoy because they are spiritual people.

How would you rate your career so far?

So far, it’s been wonderful and I give God all the glory for where I am today, because it’s not easy, but with God I believe everything is possible.

What has been your achievement so far in music?

My achievement so far has been great. Now, I want to celebrate Bob Marley which will be my greatest achievement so far. Bob Marley was a great man who left a great legacy. He deserves to be celebrated, so we have to keep the fire burning, the fire of good music not just reggae music. I will stage a concert every May 15 in remembrance of Bob Marley. He was a great man.

What informed Bob Marley Concert?

Bob Marley was great a musician. He left a very good legacy which we cannot allow to just rot away like that which is reggae music, not just reggae but good music. He was spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ all over the whole world.

King wadada

King Wadada

Reggae music is gospel but we musicians don’t call it gospel, we call it reggae music all around the whole world. We have to celebrate him because of his legacy.

What do you do outside music?

I’m also a business man. I’m a producer as well. I have a studio called Wadada Entertainment.

Your music is hinged on human right, how well has it gone in terms of impacting people’s lives?

I thank God for the little wisdom He gave me to do music. When you have your target, I don’t think you ever miss your way. My songs are set on target that is why they have really changed the lives of my fans. Like I said, there are singers and there are musicians, the song will just pass through the ear of the listener while that of a musicians will impact into their lives. And I thank God for his wisdom.

Apart from reggae music which other type of music do you do?

I’m strictly a reggae artiste. I play spiritual reggae music. I’m not like all these reigning artistes. My music and the message I send across to my fans are inspiring. I said I’m not just a singer but a musician like Bob Marley and many other inspiring reggae artistes.

What should your fans be expecting from you this year?

They should expect a lot from me this year. God spoke in the dream that I should sing for every woman in the world. I’m working on my album and single this year and they will be released very soon. Aside that, they should be expecting more from me.

I see that women have been deprived of so many things that is why I have come with that single, Give women a chance. I think this year is going to be wonderful.


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