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iFitness CEO hosts Betty Irabor on a webinar themed ‘Prioritizing your Physical and Mental Wellbeing’

In response to the far reaching effects of the lockdown caused by the global pandemic, physical fitness company iFitness organized a free interactive mental health webinar on “Prioritizing Physical and Mental Wellbeing.” Founder of popular lifestyle magazine “Genevieve” and vocal mental health advocate Betty Irabor was the speaker invited to connect with attendees.  

Exploring her personal struggles with poor mental health, her continuing journey towards full recovery, and the tools that have helped her over the years, Mrs Irabor shared freely with attendees. From traversing the darkness of depression unaware and enduring the indignity of being wrongly diagnosed, to medication that exacerbated her symptoms, to attempted suicide, Mrs Irabor laid her heart bare. Sharing her journey is a duty she happily engages in with the hope that her story will inspire others to sit up and take action, and hopefully take control of their stories before it is too late. 

Speaking about the starting point of her recovery, she said “My medications started to work when I decided I was ready to heal. You can’t heal in absentia. You have to be present in your healing.” She revealed however that it took more than medication to get her on the path to healing, exercise also played a key role. 

“When I got to the place where I was ready to heal, I went back to exercise,” she said, “I found that every time I exercised, it felt like someone injected me with life – it was like a joy injection.” 

Speaking about what inspired the webinar, CEO of iFitness Foluso Ogunwale said, “These are hard times for people everywhere and we recognize that whatever coping tool people can get will go a long way. As a fitness center we know that prioritizing physical wellness through fitness helps with mental wellness as well. What we were trying to do therefore was to raise awareness about the positive impact that physical activity can have on mental health and overall wellbeing. It is crucial that people explore fitness as a coping mechanism in these difficult times.” 

The event, which lasted for about an hour thirty minutes, was an interactive and wholesome moment for attendees, organizers and guests. 

iFitness is a one-stop fitness Centre committed to helping people achieve their fitness goals through personal training, proper nutrition and wellness support groups. 



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