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Inflation rate drops, but food prices rise

Prices of food  stuffs have continued to soar in the past few months, no wonder inflation on food has risen from 19.27% in May to 19.91% in June.
Market women, housewives and even bread winners are yet to come to terms with this development. For instance, the price of a paint bucket of beans skyrocketed from N1200 to N1700 in recent times), while the price of noodles jumped from N1600 to N1800 depending on the brand.
A refill pack of Milo is now N950 as against N700 it was sold for. A medium refill pack of milk is now N700 as against N650.
Yam is also far within the reach of the masses as it costs an arm and leg to purchase. A medium sized yam costs N1,300 as against N700.
Tomatoes is also on the high side, with a basket which used to go for N6,000, N7,000 now between N9,000 and N11,0000.
The reason for the continuous rise in food stuffs is yet to be ascertained but market sources revealed a combination of factors might be responsible, from scarcity of products to the fact that Nigeria has not paid enough attention to the agricultural sector.
– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 

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