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Ini Edo debunks fresh romance – ‘I’m very happily single’

STAR actress, Ini Edo has said she’s not in a fresh relationship after separating from her husband of six years, Philip Ehiagwina.

She disclosed this in an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly at the premiere of While You Slept, a co-production with Emem Isong-Misodi), at Silverbird Galleria, Lagos on Friday, March 20, 2015.

“I’m in love with myself.  I’m a single girl.  Very, very happily single.”

A visibly happily and gorgeously attired Ini added she doesn’t dwell in her fortunes or past but now focuses on her career.  The delectable actress, however, declined further intimate questions from ENCOMIUM Weekly.

She first spoke about her latest movie, While You Slept.

Glo-CAF-Awards-January-2015-BellaNaija0001-400x600You have a beautiful production in While You Slept.

Thank you, Uche.

What inspired it?

I just found a nice script that I love.  I always look out for inspiring stories as well as challenging ones.  And I think While You Slept is one of them.

You’ve done a lot of productions, what’s unique about this?

Every of my production is special, but While You Slept is a close-knitted story.  I like the suspense of the film.  You cannot predict the story.  One of the issues we usually have in our films is we can predict the end, but that’s not the case here.

Being a cinema production, what are your expectations?

It’s a nice film.  People seem to love it.  So, I’m expecting they would come and see it.

What next should we expect from Ini Edo?

Whatever I am going to do next is definitely going to be bigger.

You seem to have got your groove back after you split with your former husband, Philip?

I have always had my groove (laughs).  But you know now, I’m a happy person all the time.  Life is too short to dwell on regrets and pains.

All the talks about moving into a new house, driving posh automobiles…

I don’t dwell on those things.  I just want to keep doing better films, doing good in my profession.  I just want to keep growing.

The story is that you are in a fresh romance.  Are you back in love now?

No, I’m not.  I’m in love with myself.  I’m a single girl, very, very happily single.


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