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Inside Encomium Weekly this week (Tuesday, September 26, 2017)

  • Why the only female lawyer was denied SAN rank
  • How female judges dominate Lagos Judiciary
  • PSquare splits

– 6 reasons you should ignore the twins

– ‘My life is being threatened’ – Peter Okoye alleges

– Dramas that led to termination letter

– Intimate details of Peter, Paul and Jude OKoye’s families

– Meet the wives and children of Paul, Peter and Jude Okoye of PSquare

– The many times PSquare almost split

  • 10 more fabulous facts about new MBGN, Ugochi Ihezue
  • We bleach so that men will find us more attractive
  • Toke Makinwa’s N1 million dress: 3 ways to spend all that cash
  • Who’s behind Tstv? 15 exciting details about new cable service
  • Revolutionary method of selecting your baby’s sex now in Nigeria
  • 80 hearty cheers for Prof. Aduayi
  • More details about Nnamdi Kanu’s father some want dethroned

– Nnamdi Kanu risks losing British citizenship as he’s labelled a terrorist

– 2 things that will happen to Nnamdi Kanu now that IPOB is proscribed

  • Why Oando’s shareholders want Wale Tinubu sacked now
  • How professor killed lawyer brother over family property

– Tributes for Yinka Abiose (SAN) who was set on fire by brother

  • Olanike Disu’s orphans remain strong

– 7 more details emerge on final days of cancer victim Olanike Disu

– What Olanike Disu’s orphans need right now

– 4 more details about Olanike Disu’s late husband

  • ‘I have not spoken with Tinubu in 9 months’ – Muiz Banire
  • Armed robbers raid Lagos commissioner’s residence
  • 2 misadventures Toyin Abrahams will not forget in a hurry
  • ‘My greatest achievement is keeping my 4 wives and 14 children as a family’ – Hon. (Dr) Abdullateef Abdulhakeem on his 50th birthday
  • Inside the colourful funeral of Madam Harriet Gbabijo
  • Eniola Badmus denies being 40, claims 34: ‘I feel so happy and fulfilled’, she gushes

– 2 movies that catapulted Eniola Badmus to fame

  • The best advice l would have given my younger self
  • Men talk about the shame of being beaten by wives
  • 7 likely reasons Evans pleaded guilty to kidnapping

– Evans faces 21 years in prison as he pleads guilty

  • ‘Why we are sponsoring WWTBAM’ Airopay MD

– ‘We will miss Frank Edoho on new WWTBAM’

– Reason Frank Edoho, who earned N156 m in 13 years, left WWTBAM

– New episodes of WWTBAM starts airing in late October

– Highlights of past WWTBAM series to grace the screen till late October

  • ‘I want more blessings from God in all areas of my life’ – Mrs. Olubimpe Odubela at 50
  • Controversy rages over Fayose’s adoption of deputy as successor
  • When is the right age to start dating?
  • ‘How we will know when recession is over’

– Nigerians reveal the sweetest lessons learnt from this recession

– 16 Things that will clearly show that recession has ended

  • How often do you have orgasm?
  • How to keep your vagina clean and sweet smelling – Ladies’ reveal tricks
  • Here are ladies’ tampons and sanitary pads experiences
  • What we spend on food a day
  • Fashion takes new turn with weird eyebrows trend
  • Check the songs we love the most this year
  • Are you good in bed? Men reveal bedroom secrets (2)
  • Fellow pastors okay MFM Olukoya’s call for Christian’s participation in politics

–       ‘There’s nothing wrong in it’, they chorus

  • Authentic diary of Ooni, Wuraola’s marriage disaster

– How Ooni met Wuraola

– Palace mum over receipt of Oori Wuraola’s bride price

– Wuraola’s divorce settlement emerges

– 12 things about Ooni Wuraola’s marital mess we now know for sure

– ‘My marriage to Ooni is over for good’ – Olori Wuraola writes

– Did Wuraola lose a pregnancy

– 9 ways Ooni, Wuraola’s 16-month marriage is a PR disaster

– 8 Free PR advice to reverse Ooni’s marital trouble damages

– 4 ways Ooni makes history as Wuraola confirms marriage collapse

  • Nigerians have zero tolerance for same sex relationships




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