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Inside Pastor Lazarus Muoka’s N10 billion Lord’s Chosen

From a few individuals in a remote location at its first location 10 years ago, Pastor Lazarus Muoka-led The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, has snowballed into a global phenomenon having branches in virtually all the continents of the world. His followers have exceeded over two million and he claimed his target is 10 million souls.

Lord's Chosen

Lord’s Chosen

Today, the ministry is worth over N10 billion.  The imposing auditorium of the ministry’s headquarters along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Ijesha, Lagos alongside the structures around it is allegedly worth over N1.5 billion. It takes over 70,000 worshippers in a single service because it has several overflows.

He also has a N2 billion estate and cathedral in Abuja and an estimated revenue of over N2.5 billion annually from special donations, offerings and tithes from his numerous followers.

It was reported that he built a big branch of the ministry at Abuja. He created an estate there too which he sells.

An insider once claimed that he is a specialist in collecting special funds from rich members.  The covenant partners are grouped into N5 million, N4 million, N3 million, N2 million, N1 million and N500,000 categories.

Also, he is reported to have choice houses in London, USA, South Africa and millions in foreign banks.  He also has an ultra-modern hospital which is for the ministry.  Pastor Lazarus is touted to be a very good businessman.  According to reports, an ex-church member, Juliet once claimed that she was the brain behind the apron members wear to identify themselves.  Each was made at the rate of N150 but sold to fervent followers at N5,600.  Through that, the ministry rakes in several millions to further the cause of the church.

The business empire of his church includes The More Grace Computer Institute.  This is a full-fledged institute co-ordinated by the ICT/internet department of the ministry. It was established to equip members with the rudiments of technology.  A host of worshippers, both young and old have passed through this institute.  It’s worth over N50 million and makes an annual turnover of over N100.

mouka-001The ministry also owns the Chosen Pure Water Ventures which produces all the bottle and sachet water taken by worshippers.  During Sunday service, an average of 70,000 flock the auditorium.  And an average of 50,000 buy the sachet or bottled water for personal use for miracle.  On a special programme which runs from 8 a.m till around 5 p.m, they make excess revenue of over N3.5 million.

The publishing arm of the ministry which produces its journals and some of the books written by Pastor Muoka is another viable venture of the ministry.  One of the popular journals published by the church every week is, The Time of Visitation which showcases the remarkable testimonies of worshippers every week and the prophetic message of their clergy.  The journal is always a sell-out as worshippers struggle to pick a copy each time they attend church service.  Weekly, the magazine which goes for N100, nets an average of N5 million as over 50 per cent of his followers buy it.  That’s over N30 million per month.  Thus, over N360 million per annum is made from the journal.

The audio and video department of the ministry also plays a huge role. They produce the audio messages and VCD of the ministry.  A visit to the headquarters of the ministry revealed that they cater for the huge demands of the products from the large congregation.  An audio tape goes for N100, CD is N150 and DVD is N250.  The ministry nets an average of N50 million per month from their numerous worshippers worldwide.

Members of the ministry attend the church with passion and pay their tithes and give their offerings with enthusiasm because they believe that, The God of Chosen Answers Prayers.

That was why one of his ex-members, Eze Ofoegbu once petitioned the police requesting for the sum of N317 million he sank into the church.

Every week, they net an average of N10 million from offering.  This excludes tithes and special donations from their over 500 branches.

Another source of revenue is from Chosen International Schools at Mgbidi, Imo State and Chosen Hospital, Lagos.  He also has a multi-million digital television ministry called The Lord’s Chosen Television.  It runs on MyTV and DSTV.


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