Inside Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s N50b House On The Rock Church

“I am a billionaire.” These were the exact words of Pastor Paul Adefarasin. From the living room of his parents in Lagos in 1994, he set up House on The Rock Church and his ministry has blossomed over the years to over 35 branches with about 50,000 worshippers spread across Nigeria and abroad.

Currently, the buoyant and vibrant church is worth about N50 billion, with a cathedral worth close to N5 billion.

It rakes in a tithe of about N5 billion, offering of close to N2.6 billion annually, amongst other funds.

The-Rock-CathedralThe new headquarters of the ministry widely known as Rock Millennium is still a talk of the town. Close to Liberty Hall, along Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos, the temple was officially opened on April 20, 2013.

The Rock Cathedral is the multi-purpose facility that houses the headquarters of the Rock Foundation and the House on the Rock. Among the personalities who were on hand to officially open it, were the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, former prime minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, the presiding bishop of TREM Ministries, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Bishop Wayne Malcolm and a host of others.

Pastor Paul, a keen follower of Bishop T.D. Jakes of Dallas, Texas, collaborates with his mentor and many other famous gospel artistes to stage the popular annual music carnival, The Experience.

He shells out over N50 million for the event annually. What gulps a large chunk of the money is the artistes’ fee, and accommodation of the international artistes, crew and guests, logistics, among others.

One of the major sources of revenue for him is tithes, offerings and financial partners who are upwardly mobile corporate men and women and several millionaires who throng his vibrant church. Among the 50,000 worshippers, if 10,000 of them pay a tithe of N10,000 weekly (and some pay millions), that will be N5.2 billion annually. And when the average 50,000 worshippers pay a weekly offering of N1,000 weekly, that’s N2.6 billion annually. Due to his connections abroad, he is a frequent speaker and preacher overseas and these rake in several millions for him annually.

Aside that, his books and messages which are dubbed on tapes, VCD, DVD rake in millions monthly. The ministry’s Tape Department which is responsible for the production and marketing of his tapes ensure they are spread across the globe.

An author, motivator and conference speaker, Paul Adefarasin is one of the most respected and sought-after ministers in Nigeria. His weekly television programme, Something Is About To Happen! is broadcast to millions of homes across Africa and Europe. Paul Adefarasin is well known for his clear message of hope, healing and empowerment.

He is widely regarded as a visionary leader and bridge-builder. His ability to transcend race, tribe and creed with his unique approach to ministry has helped in many strategic relationships between the church and secular communities in Africa. He has a burning passion to see the rehabilitation of his generation, his nation and his continent.

Pastor Adefarasin holds a bachelors degree in Architecture from the University of Miami, USA. He practised as an architect in Florida, USA before his call into ministry. He is the founder, senior pastor and prelate presiding over the House On The Rock churches headquartered in Lagos.

He is also the Founder and President of the Rock Foundation; a charity organization committed to social reformation, education, provision of healthcare and relief work for the downtrodden and disadvantaged in Nigeria and West Africa.

His wife, Ifeanyi Adefarasin is the Co-Pastor of The House On The Rock; with a vibrant multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic congregation and daughter churches spread over Africa and Europe at present. She is also the founder of Woman To Woman Ministry, which is committed to social reformation, education, provision of healthcare and relief work amongst the downtrodden and underprivileged in Nigeria and West Africa. Pastor Ifeanyi has a burning passion to see the empowerment of women in her generation, her nation and her continent. She practiced as a banker before her call into ministry.

A mentor and coach, Pastor Ifeanyi is a greatly respected minister and conference speaker in much demand at home and abroad. She is well known for her clear and practical message of hope and empowerment. Her unique style of ministry transcends gender barriers and has brought healing to many.

Pastor Paul and Pastor Ifeanyi live in Lagos, and have three lovely children.




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