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‘It’s been challenging and rewarding’ -sexy Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku 

Sexy and talented Kafui K Danku is one of the new rising stars in the Ghanaian movie industry. She is today a major delight of producers in that sector. Kafui Danku has carved a niche for herself as one of the new reigning actresses in Ghana. One thing you can’t also take away from her is her obvious confidence. Kafui, who burst into limelight with her major lead role in the widely acclaimed A Little Affair has featured in a couple of other movies including Heal My Heart, 4play Reloaded, Shadows in the Dark, Sin of the Soul, A Reason to Kill, Ifeanyi Onyeabor’s Tribe and Hotel Babylon. She is beautiful, smart and her charisma churns the vibe that makes her that happy-go-lucky lady. . Recently, she premiered her movie, Letters To My Mother in Ghana and on Friday, June 14, 2013, she will be premiering the movie in Nigeria at Silverbird Cinema in Lagos. Kafui in this interview spoke on her new work and how acting started for her, as well as other issues including her rising profile…
What made you shoot your own movie?

The first thing that influenced my decision was the story. I read the script and I loved it, thus I felt it should be told. I was also moved by the passion to add more to our entertainment industry. The story is full of lessons for all. So, aside entertainment, there will be something for everyone to learn.
Tell us about the cast and where the movie was shot?

There is John Dumelo. There is also Adjetey Annang; a very fantastic and deep actor. In fact, we couldn’t get anyone else to play the role. We also have Roselyn Ngissah, myself, Eddy Watson, Paulina Oduro, Solomon Sampa and we introduced a new talent, Candy.

You said that it was the story that enticed you. Can you tell us about this story?

Let me start by giving you the synopsis of the movie… Mike (played by John Dumelo) returns home after a 5-year sojourn overseas with Angie, his wife to be and mother of his unborn child, he is greeted with such hatred in his own mother’s eyes that leaves him gaping and searching for the truth. A truth he however cannot find. Not without bloodshed. The movie is a true life story, it gets more interesting with Mike not speaking with anyone, not even a word for five years. Reason? You probably will have to see for yourself. But it is a story about the hatred embedded in deceit and lies. It is about secrets.

It is about destiny. It was first premiered in March 2013 at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra. And come June 14, 2013, we shall be premiering the movie in Nigeria at the Silverbird Cinemas, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The movie must have cost you a fortune. Can you tell us how much it cost you and how you were able to raise funds for it?

Of course, it cost us a lot. It is a big budget movie, even taking a look at the fine and deep actors on board. We had a whole set built for the movie. We shot in Aburi and Accra. As to how I raised funds for it, I thank God for His blessings. I believe manna still falls from heaven. God made it possible.
Can you give us a rough idea of how much you spent on the movie?

(Laughs) I think I should be able to do that well after the premiere. That is when we will sit and add all other expenses that weren’t on our original sheet.

Will you agree with the fact that producing your movie has raised your profile in the movie industry?

To a great extent, it has really upped my game in the industry. It has presented me with the opportunity to show to the world that I can do a lot more.

Do you have plans to take your movie to Nigeria?

We are already making arrangements to premiere Letters To My Mother in Nigeria after the premiere in Ghana. After that, we will decide on the other places we want to go.

You were born in Ghana, how was growing up in the country?

I grew up in Ghana and my upbringing was beautiful. I grew up not lacking anything and thank God that my parents have been there for me. I will say that I am lucky.

Tell us more about Kafui Danku?

My name is Kafui K. Danku, a graduate from the University of Cape Coast where I studied English and Classics. I come from Ho, Volta Region but I reside in Accra. I first came into the movie scene in 2008/2009. Acting has always been and is my passion. That craze to do something, give my best shot is what drives me. I am still growing in the industry and there is still more to be learnt from those who have passed though this path. I spent most of my early years in Ho. I was born into the family of four girls, two boys, a happy family I have.

You have been reported to be a lover of tattoos. What is the muse behind your love for tattoos?

I have two rose flower tattoos. One on my right shoulder, and one on my waist. I like people to read their own meaning into it but certainly I have my own meaning too. Since we are all humans with different scopes to seeing things, I will not want to go further.

It is believed that the lead role you play in the popular movie A Little Affair brought you into limelight and it still remains one movie that is adjudged to be well directed and made name on the chats. How do you feel about it?

I feel great. That was my first major role and I feel real excited acting alongside Adjetey Annang and Kalsum Sinare and other big names in the industry. Some few people have actually called me to say it was a good job I did out there, but I know that the future can only get better for me as a person.


This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, May 27, 2013

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