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‘It is divine intervention’ – RT. HON. MUDASHIRU OBASA, New Speaker of Lagos House of Assembly

Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa,  on Monday, June 8, 2015, emerged the Speaker of the 8th session of the Lagos House of Assembly.  And shortly after his emergence as the only nominee for the post, he spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly’s TOLANI ABATTI about his good fortune.


Congratulations on your election as the Speaker of Lagos House of Assembly.

Thank you.

How do you feel?

I thank God, I feel great, I feel elated and I am happy.  Glory to Almighty Allah.  I thank all my colleagues in the House too.  I thank the people of Agege, who gave me their mandate.  I am very happy.

What would you say got you this position?

I cannot really pick one particular factor because among us that contested for the post we are all equal. mr-mudashiru-obasa We are educated and enlightened too.  All of us that contested for the position are all ranking members.  I think it’s just divine intervention that I was the one that was finally chosen.  Of course, this was with the collaboration of other members of the House who believe in me that I can represent their interest perfectly.  They also hld me in trust that I can hold the leadership of the Assembly.

What are you going to do to better the last legislative Assembly that has been adjudged the best in terms of legislative and infrastructural development?

The last Assembly has been adjudged the best because we all collaborated with the leadership of the House to ensure success.  Since half of the members of the last House of Assembly are still very much around with us, I am sure we will also succeed like the last Assembly.

How did your other colleagues who contested the Speakership with you take your victory?  Have they congratulated you?

Of course, they have congratulated me.  We were all together today and from the expression on their faces, you can see that we are one.  If they did not agree with my nomination, someone else would have nominated another person against my nomination.  This is to show that we are brothers and sisters.  Yes, we could be at edge contesting for the post but immediately the competition is over, we are together as one again.

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