‘I’ve become wiser and health conscious’ -Owen Gee on life at 40


Ace comedian, Owen Gee recently clocked 40. He revealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly in an interview what life has taught him at this age. The handsome father of two children also spoke about his career and other issues…


Congratulations on your 40th birthday, how does it feel?

A lot of people say turning 40 is the beginning of a whole new life and I quite agree. I have become wiser, and health conscious. I feel a new energy to want to achieve those things I felt were not achievable and my drive to success has increased. I also feel the need to increase my responsibility to both God and family. I recently started exercising to stay healthier, it’s a renewed feeling I must say.

What would change about you now that you are 40?

Seriously, not much would change about me. I am still the go-getter, funny guy that you all know. I am willing to increase my work rate and to dare more into more interesting ventures. I am still a comedian and will keep being one as well as improve on other aspects of entertainment that I have recently discovered.

What is the significance of your new age?

The significance of 40 is that it’s the old age of youth. A lot more younger people look up to you for advice and mentorship. You are a greater decision maker and risk taker. The next 10 years is also a great opportunity to establish yourself and bridge the future.

What is the greatest lesson life has taught you?

Life has taught me to believe only in God and trust my instinct. Life has taught me to know that human beings will always disappoint but that is not a reason for judging people. Life has taught me to be grateful for the gift of good health and that when there is life there is hope. As long as you think it then you can achieve it.

Would you say you have achieved almost your heart desire if not all?

I haven’t achieved a quarter of my dreams. There are times when I wish we could have 30 hours in a day, but a lot of things needs to be achieved.

 If you can turn back the hand of time, what would you do differently?

If I could turn back the hands of time I probably would have had kids probably at 24/25 so that my paying school fees would have covered a lot more ground.

1-IMG_20160228_143609We have not heard from you in a while, what are you up to career wise?

You mean I haven’t been making a lot of noise lately, I am not a social media freak and do not believe in making unceremonious noise. Achievements are better felt rather than being spoken about. All the free shows I use to do left me bankrupt until I began to understand the business part of the industry. My TV shows, anchoring corporate events and adverts for brands are doing very well but things are about to step up one notch this year, be on the lookout.

What is your plan for the year careerwise?

Plans for the year are surely grand. Two seasons of my hilarious talk show, Buzz Live with Owen Gee of which I have already shot one of the seasons in January. We are currently airing the second season. The third season shot recently is undergoing post production. There is also a movie project and a stand-up comedy tour in the pipelines. It’s going to be a busy year. Also scripting another TV show and the second season of my TV comedy fillers Skits N Sketches will be on local TV.

Apart from being a comedian, what keeps you busy?

Comedy and entertainment is enough to keep me busy, there is always a burning desire to achieve much more.

How can you describe the viewership of you TV show Buzz Life with Owen Gee on DSTV?

Viewership is great and I am surprised at the acceptance. It’s the second most watched Nigerian talk-show on the DSTV and we won’t stop until we reach number 1. There has also been a steady improvement every new season and that’s all thanks to my executive producers, Total Recall Media, we are planning to shoot Season 4 and we sure want to increase the wow factor.

How do you juggle between your work and your role as a father and husband?

I am lucky enough to marry my best friend who understands me in and out and I don’t think I have had a vacation in two years. At home I must confess that my wife takes care of three kids, myself and my two sons as I leave all the household duties to her, I am literally doing something every time and she can understand. For my kids, I sneak out to share a few fatherly moments with them and I make myself available to answer every question they ask, I also watch TV and we have created timetable for going out to have fun once in a while. Trust me, when I say that family is everything.


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