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John Fashanu, Abigail Igwe reveal more shocking secrets of troubled marriage (3): John Fashanu again! ‘She’s the black widow – only after money’

FOLLOWING our exclusive interviews with John Fashanu, 52, and Abigail Igwe, 48, on their troubled marriage last week, we again spoke to the estranged couple on fresh allegations and angles concerning their impending divorce.

The accusations of lesbianism, threesomes, fraud and deceit top the list of their rancor, as both shed light on their reasons for parting.

Their relationship, which kicked off in 2009, with marriage in 2011, crashed in April 2014 and divorce was initiated in September 2014.

Only living together for about four months as man and wife, their marriage was said to have been facing series of hiccups from the onset.

The couple and John Fashanu’s sister spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s KUNLE BAKARE…


John Fashanu again!

She’s an accursed woman after my lands in Lagos and Abuja – She’s the biggest crook in the world


IN the evening of Saturday, May 2, 2015, we spoke to Ambassador John Fashanu on the fresh allegations raised by his estranged wife (Abigail Igwe) and for close to an hour (from 7.31 p.m), he denied them.

Now living in Sun City (reportedly the most expensive estate in Abuja where he’s the largest land owner with his property worth at least N1 billion), Fashanu catalogued more mind boggling tales…


She’s an angry woman saying nonsense

What you are seeing is an angry woman saying nonsense. I’ve never seen any woman so violent. She’s insulting elders in my house. She was never living with me.

Now, she’s gathering my football boys together, telling them to lie against me.

There are four pastors begging me to withdraw the case (divorce).

I organise talent hunts

I have a programme (for young footballers). We don’t take money from the boys. It’s only if a player gets certain points (that they qualify to move to the next step).

The players pay into an account. They come into my academy, and spend seven to eight days.

Two players were stopped by the embassy. They will go later…

She wanted money from the players.

Out of the 20 players, five are in Sweden. And there are three in Finland playing football.

She now got some players, telling them to lie against me.

She’s after my lands in Lagos and Abuja

She’s trying to take my land in Lagos and Abuja. She wants money.

One of the footballers said she is getting them to sign some documents. That the money should go to her account.

Joseph Yobo wants nothing to do with her. She’s always giving them (Yobo and Adaeze) problems.

Do you really believe her, that Justin prevented me from shining?

Obviously, she doesn’t know football. I was shining when he (Justin) was alive. She is saying rubbish (about me driving Justin to commit suicide, and me happy that he died).

Abigail told me she caught her husband in bed with the cook. Did she catch me with the cook in Sun City?

She says a lot of rubbish. Her accusations are empty, they are those of an accursed woman.

She spends N200,000 to buy padded pants

If any woman can spend N200,000 to make her bum look bigger, then she has a challenge. When we got home, I saw a flat bum. That was not what I was expecting. People should know she has flat bum bum.

She has no respect for elders.

She had a traditional marriage, a second marriage, and told me that she left the man.

Her ear lobe is ripped badly, she was fighting the man so bad.

She claimed that God brought me to her…

I am the one filing for divorce

I’m the one filing the divorce.

Angelina was the one she was sleeping with..

I gave her (Angelina) two letters. I wanted my wife. I loved the woman. She was a wonderful woman.

She was talking in tongues. She would be saying all sorts of things in the house.

That Joseph Yobo needed to give her half of his money. That her prayers made him famous.

But I told her it was not true.

But she said that he had to give her money.

Why l recommended her friend for visa

I plotted to have Angela out of the life of my wife. But when I realised who Angela was, I sent another letter (to the British High Commission) that I couldn’t guarantee her returning to Nigeria. Because at the time, her marriage was troubled. I knew she was not coming back.

She was sleeping with Abigail. She became Abigail’s driver. She (Abigail) must be in control.

We didn’t have a maid in London

I have dined and wined with the most beautiful women in the world.

We didn’t have a maid in London. We lived in a three-bedroom house.

After three years of separation, my wife and l moved on.

She’s now remarrying. I’ve never had a maid.

She (Abigail) exaggerates too much.

I met her husband in church. He told me, that she’s too hot you can’t handle her.

In my house in Sun City I have 20 bedrooms. It is absolute nonsense.

What do l know about slaves

Spare me that one (about getting kicks from sleeping with under-privileged women). That’s absolute rubbish. How do I know about slaves.

That’s the same thing she told her first husband. Whenever you leave me, I’d destroy you, she told me.

My foster parents were fantastic.

How could she help me get N25 million contract?

I paid the rent of her two-bedroom flat. She doesn’t have a job. She has never worked. How could she help me get N25 million contract?

The N25 million – she didn’t get a contract (from Millennium Development Goals). Someone that can’t buy sanitary pads.

The contract came because of a programme I was planning. She only delivered letters for me.

Her ex-husband has told her to stop. The allegations are laughable.

The MDG contract finished. It was a wonderful show. It was a football tournament. It was mobilization.

None of them (the players) was to go abroad, until the second edition.

Why did the money go into my bank account? I bought her a brand new car.

We didn’t buy the car for the project. The car was for her.

She came to my house to beat the cook

My sister was there with my cook. She came there and beat everyone.

She took the girl away. This was on two or three occasions.

I stopped going to her house.

I once gave her $5,000 for her son. She never gave the money to her son.

My friends told me that Igbo women love money. But l have met wonderful Igbo women who are not after money.

She’s hiding from getting the divorce papers

She’s hiding. We have filed the divorce. She’s hiding, it has been filed four months.

They can’t find her anywhere.

It is not true that I scribbled anything on her car. It is not true.

I’ve not gone to her house. No security man caught me.

The house is three storey up. So, how can I get into the house? How can l be peeping through the window of a three-storey building? She always locked the doors.

She never cooked for me. She was the worse cook ever. I couldn’t eat her food.

She’s a failure at marriage. She’s not doing her job.

How many times have I attacked her?

I have the document. I reported the case. There was no reason to lie against her.

I was never in her house. In her witness papers, she claimed she visited me. With her son. As she was going out, she drew the sword.

Why was she coming to my house?

Why would you suddenly come to my house to stop it being sold?

There was an Ambassador Jenny, policemen and girlfriends (who stormed my house when l was abroad).

We didn’t have a relationship for over a year.

You came to my house, caught me in bed with two women, and beat me.

A house cannot be sold in one day.

All of them were arrested. I was in Colombia. You told the police that my sister had brought a woman to marry me. That’s what she told the police.

She came again to fight in my house.

I never seized her passport

I didn’t take her passport. I gave her N35,000 to renew her passport, and put my name. Put Mrs Fashanu. We were going to London. And I made it known to her that if she was going to London as my wife, her passport should read ‘Fashanu.’

She now came with a story, I said no problem. The violence we have had, unbelievable!

Uche, her son, she was fighting with him with a broken bottle..

Her friends call her the black widow

They call her the black widow – because her love of money is insatiable and she’s very violent.

She’s out of control.

I never had three children in one year

So, where are the children? I never did. That’s being stupid.

I didn’t turn up in Abuja with only my bags

That’s so stupid. I have been working with government since 1992.

The first house I bought in Abuja was in 1998.

I’m a director of NANET Hotels. I can go to any of their hotels anytime I want, and stay.

This is getting too stupid. Two angry people saying all sorts of things.

She swore that I impregnated the cook, and we waited for nine months, no pregnancy…

I do HIV test every half year

I do HIV test every half year. I’m a fitness guru…So that people can tell I’m clean.

It is important to have my blood group, and my HIV certificate.

She had so many pastors. The pastor said she’s possessed.

Where did she have income from? The car? The rent?

She didn’t have any money.

The Taraba contract

That was rubbish. Absolute rubbish. I was in Taraba for seven months. Every day she accused me of sleeping with women.

Gov. Suntai (of Taraba) gave me N10 million to do a programme. Six players went to London.

It was a football holiday. I took them to Ryan Giggs. They spent seven days in London..That’s not true.

They went on tour. They stayed in beautiful hotels.

They didn’t have work permits. They visited Manchester City, Manchester United and Aston Villa.

It was a football excursion.

They went to John Fashanu Sports Academy in England. I have six of them (academies).

You can’t sign on with any club unless you have work permit.

I did programmes in Taraba, Rivers, Lagos – and I did also with Oceanic Bank.

The one I did with MDG was the same.

I’m a sports technocrat.

If you pay me N1 million, you live in my house. And I train you. And you pay another N1 million if you want to go abroad.

There were footballers who paid and failed. There’s nothing I can do.

My academy is registered with NFA

They (the young footballers) stay in the Academy in Sun City for seven days. The Academy is registered with NFA. So, it is not a scam.

You get an evaluation form. And I evaluate your character, capacity and skills.

I will prepare you.

Even when you go there (abroad), you have to come back. And they wait for one month. And if they want you, they call.

I can only put the players up. I’ve 8,000 followers on twitter waiting to come into my academy.

The experience in Sweden was wonderful.

She’s got a lawyer who wants to bring the academy down. The boys want to sue my academy and Swedish Embassy.

One of the boys had a police record, and another had lied. That’s why they were turned down (for visa).

We are continuing. We have a player who’s good and is wanted in Sweden.

Why are so many players coming for me? Everybody knows my house.

Abigail is lying to them. That she would get them to play abroad.

She’s giving them money, and food. Gave them N6,000 and another N4,000, so that they can protest and get them to close my academy. The boys are coming from different places, promising them that Joseph Yobo would get them to play abroad.

That any money they get from the case (Academy and Swedish Embassy), that the money comes to her.

She’s getting them to sign papers.

She’s now calling all of them. To get me sued.

Three years ago. It’s outrageous.

It took me 15 years to get the land

It took me 15 years to get the land. That’s stupid.

Even my house…

My sister and cook are suing her too.

She was the one trying to sell my house. She came with a surveyor…

She said, I’m the wife, and could do whatever I wanted.

The police saw it was bulls..t.

She wanted to steal my land papers.

Sun City is the most expensive estate in Abuja. And I’m the largest land owner in Sun City.

It was a sports programme for footballers.

This is getting petty. Please, don’t listen to the ranting of a woman.

Shiloh Church fight

She fought because she didn’t want her bag searched. She claimed that the pastor wanted to sleep with her in dream, spiritually. Coming from London, I don’t understand all these.

She wanted me to fight with the pastor.

I knew she was going to kill me.

What did I do with all my earnings if I came to Abuja with nothing? After playing football for many years, and all my investments.


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