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Jonathan turns deaf ear to God’s warning -Primate Ayodele

On Friday, July 5, 2013, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele-led INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos, will be staging its first national crusade, Mobilising the Achievers for permanent Upliftment and Favour. The event which is slated for the Gymnasium, National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, promises to be the best of its kind.

According to the humble and respected seer, it’s going to be a night of outpouring of blessings and miracles. The amiable preacher of the word spoke on this and much more, when he granted us an interview in his officer at the church Headquarters on Thursday, June 6, 2013.


On Friday, July 5, 2013, all roads will lead to National Stadium for the first INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church national crusade, how prepared are you for the event?

We are very much prepared. We are going to provide free vehicles for people, especially those coming from outside Surulere, Lagos. Of course, when you’re coming, don’t leave your faith behind. And if you’re interested, you can buy our anointing oil, that is specially made.

We have started prayer as regards that for the past one month. You can also buy the mantle, which is the handkerchief. It’s also going to cost everybody there present a marathon fast. If you can fast till 6pm or 9pm, it’s okay. Even, if you can fast the while night, it’s all the same.

Then, I am assuring you, whatever your problem is, it’s going to be a thing of the past. It’s just a matter of faith. We had wanted to embark on something like this for so many years before God now said it’s time. You can’t lay your had on anything, unless God has given you the go ahead.

Apart from prayer and deliverance, what are the side attractions expected to be enjoyed at the crusade?

Those attending the crusade will also listen and dance to good gospel music, which will be supplied by Lady Evangelist Tope Alabi and other younger artistes. The security is going to be very tight. Also, God’s security and protection won’t be lacking.

The arena will be very supper. It’s going to be an atmosphere where you meet who and who in the Christian community.

Are you also inviting other ministers of God?

Yes, ofcourse. Rev. Ade Ademakinwa, the Olosi of Osi land, Ife, Osun State, will be there. Also, Apostle Toba Oke, Bishop F. Adedipe and Rev. Adeyemi will all be there, ministering. These are the great men of God we’re expecting for the crusade.

They are expected to play vital roles at the event. And through their anointing power, I believe people will be delivered and bondage will be loosened.

What do you have in plan to control the crowd that day?

Our ushers are equal to the task. They are all well trained. They know what to do and how to do it. Even, at the right time. So, we don’t nurse any fear at all about that. They will surely be in charge. By the special grace of God, the crusade is going to be best of its kind.

How many people are you expecting?

Initially, our plan was 5,000. But now, there is no way we won’t exceed that figure because people have started calling from all parts of the country, even beyond, to be part of the event. So, we’re expecting not less than 10,000 people. And they are going to be wonderfully blessed.

Let’s talk on other issues concerning the development in the ministry and your humanitarian services…

(Cuts in) What is more important to us now is that we’re having our new branch in New York, United States of America. We have gotten our certificate to that effect. So, we are going there before the end of this year for another wonderful crusade.

Also, there is going to be another crusade in Nigerian before the end of the year. we are also planning towards having London parish II. The issue of the health centre I said the other time is to help humanity. So, it’s also in progress.

What is the development concerning your proposed N1 billion church in Lagos?

We are working towards that. We are also planning to build another bigger one in Ife, Osun State. It’s also going to cost a lot of money. We need to make a difference. INRI is a unique white garment and spiritual church. I want to tell people that we’re the world-led spiritual church. We’re not the old doctrine type but the reigning one which will continue to reign forever.

So, we have to meet up with the needs of the people. As a matter of fact, what we’re doing is to give back to society. It’s not my money, it’s God that provides.

Is it appropriate to address you as a spiritualist?

What do you mean by that? Every church is spiritual. I am a founder and spiritual head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church. It’s a religious organization, and an evangelical church. People like misusing the world spiritual.

All church leaders are spiritually endowed by God, we are not career pastors. As for me, I do things as directed by God who sent me.

Let’s talk a little about national issues, what’s your comment on the crisis in PDP, especially between President Jonathan and Governor Amaechi of Rivers State?

We have said all these at the beginning of this year. But our leaders turned their deaf ears to our warning. For Christ sake, the nation needs a lot of prayer at this moment. That’s why I said all these national prayers they are conducting have no effect at all.

I am still foreseeing more troubles ahead, unless we pray very well. We need prayer to solve the problem at this crucial time, otherwise, it’s going to affect PDP more than it’s now. Also, All Peoples Congress (APC) is not a strong opposition that can unseat PDP.

Another party that will be strong enough to fight PDP hands down will be formed. The best is that President Jonathan should just conduct a very credible election in 2015. He shouldn’t bother to contest at all, unless he wants to make the country unstable. I foresee danger ahead. So, we need to be very prayerful.

How do you think the federal government can go about this national prayer you always talk about?

It’s not that difficult but because the government don’t contact the right people, that’s why we haven’t gotten it right all this while. There are lots of prophets that can do that but the government is not even taking the issue serious.

There is a different between a prophet and pastor or reverend. We’re talking about prophets that receive directions from God. Such prophets are the ones that will advice Jonathan on how to go about the national prayer. The Bible says, “My people perish because they don’t have wisdom.”

Are you saying you’re the right prophet that can handle that?

No, God didn’t tell me anything like that. I am not among the prophets that will organize the prayer. If it’s my assignment, God will reveal it to me. Jonathan has his own prophets, I can’t rule out that.

If you receive the message from God, will you?

Yes, why not? But I have not been told by God to do so.

But if President Jonathan or anybody from above contacts you for that, won’t you oblige?

I won’t, unless God directs me to.

Recently, some pastors were fighting for money at the last national cup, they claimed they were the ones that predicted the victory, and also prayed for the squad to win the coveted cup. Also, if they don’t come back to them for spiritual fortification, they won’t qualify for the next World Cup, what’s your comment on this?

If you go through my previous interviews in your magazines and other journals or newspapers, I have said it that the Super Eagles will lift the cup. People like us don’t need to be bragging about such issues. You don’t predict to get cheap publicity.

Predictions are like taking a risk. If God does not give you His backing, it will be very difficult to get thing right.

There are some forces that don’t want you to make any prophecy at all. I believe those fighting about such things don’t know what they are talking about. We have been in it since 1994, and God has been with us.

Have you been attacked spiritually because of any predictions?

Nothing like that has happened to me because the angles are with me. God will continue to be on my side because I am doing His will.

This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday,June 11, 2013



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