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Judge Godard launches fearless child abuse public inquiry

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Judge Lowell Godard warned yesterday ( Thursday, July 9,2015) that NOBODY will escape scrutiny in the investigation into child abuse. The chair woman, launching the U.K’s largest ever public inquiry, said some individuals and institutions have been sheltered by patterns of indifference or obstruction.

She said, ” No one, no matter how apparently powerful, will be allowed to obstruct our inquiries and there will be no immunity from scrutiny by virtue of position”.

The judge further stated, “We must travel from the corridors of power in Westminster (London, England) to children’s homes in the poorest part of the country and put difficult questions to public officials of all kind. And we will continue putting up these questions till we get an answer”.

She also warned that any institution facing scrutiny should not destroy, hide or tamper with evidence.


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