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KAI goes tough in Ogba as more shops locked

The Lagos Ministry of the Environment and officials of Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) were today, Thursday, October 26, 2017 sighted by at Ogba bus stop and all the adjourning streets, preventing all the shop owners in the area from opening all the shops are yet be fenced for their daily business activities with a view to curbing street hawking and any activity capable of disturbing free flow of traffic in the vicinity.

The action of the environmental sanitation officers really paralysed economic and commercial activities in the whole of the environment as most market men and women were sighted standing aloof, discussing the unexpected closure which extended to Oke Ira road, Oba Ogunji road and few others.

Few of the affected traders who spoke to lamented their losses. They, however, described the exercise as unfortunate and uncalled for.

A boutique owner who identified himself as Felix said, “I don’t know they will extend it to us here. We only thought the whole thing has ended at Ogba Market. There’s no reason for erecting any fence here as you can see yourself. I think they just want to drive us from this place, and that’s going to be very unfortunate because there’s nowhere to move to. I don’t think it’s necessary at all. For today alone now, I have lost thousands of naira. And only God knows when this place will be reopened.”

Another trader who pleaded anonymity also lamented, “The whole thing caught most of us unawares because today is Thursday, we all know we don’t usually open until 10 am. That’s what we thought happened why most shops were yet to be opened until we started seeing KAI officials and other people from the Ministry of the Environment around with their vehicles stationed at strategic points. We now knew they came on a different mission. Since, no one has opened any shop or kiosk here. No commercial activities since. We’re all here standing. We’re confused about what next because there’s nowhere to erect any fence here. And if that’s to be done, that means some of the shops will be demolished. I know how much I would have made today. To me, it’s sheer wickedness.”




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