Kenneth Okolie veers into movie production

His good looks and enviable physique brought him worldwide recognition when he emerged second runner up at the Mr. World 2010, yet he doesn’t consider them his greatest asset.

Actor, model and Mr. Nigeria 2010 Kenneth Okolie, in this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke on plans to produce his own movie, shares tips on how to look like him and what he considers his greatest asset…

You always look good whenever you step out. What’s your secret?

Simplicity is one of the facts of life. I like looking simple and classy at the same time. That’s my style. That’s me.

kennethWhat are those things you don’t joke with when it comes to taking care of yourself?

Everything. From my hair to the sole of my feet, I make sure everything is on point. That way, I’m cool.

What do you consider when picking an outfit for a particular event?

You can’t say you prepare for every event every time – that’s not true, but the thing is, I try to look good. Although I like looking simple, at the same time, I want to look appealing.

If I want to be a ‘Kenneth Okolie’ in terms of style. What do I have to do?

Buy clothes that look good on you. Workout, look fit so clothes can look much better on you. On a normal day, I’m just a shirts-up kind of person. I wear T-shirt like once a while.

You are one of those who can correctly say I’ve been there, I’ve done that. Doesn’t it get into your head sometimes?

No, because I believe I shouldn’t be big headed with the whole fame and stuff whereas it was my fans and the audience that made me. So, I can’t afford to be swollen headed, I have to be humble. That’s what keeps me grounded. Besides, my fans are the reason I do most of what I do. Without them, there wouldn’t be a famous ‘Kenneth Okolie’.

Which do you consider as your greatest asset, the looks, the charisma or the brains?

I’d say everything because they work hand in hand. I can’t say it’s one of them. Everything work hand in hand for me – including my legs, my arms, my face, my diaphragm. So, it’s a combination.

You were once Mr. Nigeria, came third at Mr. World, you’ve also endorsed different brands. Did you ever think you would come this far in your career?

The plan was to get this far. But I’d say about five years ago, acting wasn’t my forte.

Which brings in more money, acting or modeling?

Entertainment brings in money. As long as you know how to market yourself. It’s all about marketing. As long as you give the people what they want.

In one sentence, describe your brand?

I’m an adventurous individual who is very experimental and marketable.

What do you have on your hands now?

I’m working on producing my own movie. I’m hoping within three months, something will be out. I’m not going to let it all out yet.

Have you got training in movie production?

I could say yes. I have been a part of quite a lot of successful movies. But I’m going to work with experts on my production, together we can make magic happen.


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