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Lagos rocks as Evangeline and Tony tie the knot

Lagos rocks as EVANGELINE and TONY tie the knot

The maritime industry literally moved to Festac Town, Lagos, as the President General of the Maritime

couple dancing...

couple dancing…

Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN), Comrade Anthony Emmanuel Ntedeng was joined with the pretty Evangeline Ifetekhai in traditional marriage on Saturday, April 18, 2015. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria Centre, Kofo Kasunmu Street, Lakeview Estate Phase 1, Amuwo Odofin, Festac, Lagos, played host to the feast of love which saw the movers and shakers of the maritime industry in Nigeria come out in their numbers to support their own.

ENCOMIUM Weekly was there to felicitate with the happy couple and serves this report…

The couple share their love story…

Parents of the couple wished them happiness…



The ceremony started about 2pm.

2:05pm – Ovie the Generous, standing in for MC of the day, Akpororo, welcomes the already seated guests.

2:10pm – Distinguished guests are invited to the high table…they take their places one after the other

2:21pm – Comrade (Pastor) Peter Collins asks all to rise as he takes the opening prayer.

2:31pm – Bride’s parents are ushered in with live music from Sharp Band; groom’s family follow shortly after. Both families are joined by friends and well wishers.

2:40pm – Here comes the newest, happiest couple in town… All rise and dance as they welcome the beaming couple dressed like royalty.

2:55pm – More guests are recognized…

3:00pm – Maritime workers in full force as their solidarity song reverberates

3:10pm – The chairman of the occasion gives his speech…admonishes the couple

3:20pm – The comedian with too much anointing and swagger as he calls himself, Akpororo grabs the mic and does his thing

3:38pm – The cutting of the cake…the wife of the chairman, Princess Vicky Haastrup leads audience through – J-E-S-U-S!  the couple cut the cake.

3:46pm – Couple feed each other for the first time…bride kneels as she feeds her groom, and he returns the favour and kisses to the delight of the guests.

3:50pm – Couple kiss to cheers and applause.

3:56pm – Haywire De Rhymer performs.

4:15pm – Couple’s first dance.

4:35pm – Akpororo cracks ribs as couple exit dance floor to change.

4:48pm – Calabar traditional dance troupe performs.

5:00pm Akpororo and Sharp Band collaborate to thrill…

5:25pm – Couple make re-entry into auditorium in different outfits.

5:30pm – Dance galore…

6:00pm – Couple get car gifts…first from the maritime workers union which presented them with a Hyundai; then from the groom’s friends in Abuja who presented him with a Mercedes jeep.

6:15pm – Vote of thanks by Comrade Uche.

6:20pm – Closing prayer by the president of the sea men, Comrade Bunu.


Anthony Ntedeng

Anthony Ntedeng

‘SHE’S VERY RESPECTFUL’ – Anthony Ntedeng, groom

Congratulations! How did it all start?

It’s a long story. I met Eva some 14 years ago when she was 17; and since we’ve been together. My wives have come to know her well, she’s close to them. She’s a friend to everyone. Today is a celebration of love, 14 years is not 14 days.

What was the attraction for you?

She’s someone that does not believe in nagging, we’ve never quarrelled. One quality I love in her is I have never seen her call someone stupid for the past 14 years. She’s very respectful and she grew up in a Christian home.


‘He nurtured me, taught me…’ – EVANGELINE IFETEKHAI

How did it all start?



Like he rightly said, it started 14 years ago. I was assisting my mom on a job – she is a caterer – we were catering for an event; I think it was a meeting which he was part of. I was very young then. I walked into the hall with a cooler of food on my head and he turned and looked at me, I didn’t even notice. I think that was when the love bug caught him, not me. After then, he kept pestering me, sending people saying he likes me. It didn’t start off as a relationship, but as friendship.

How did your parents react when you informed them?

They didn’t do anything per se, because when it got to their knowledge I had already come of age. So, they just said since I was matured, I should use my discretion. And if I know I truly loved him, not for maybe his wealth, I could go ahead. If they had known from the outset, I don’t think they would have allowed me.

So, how do you feel today?

I feel delighted, very happy. I look forward to this marriage, we’ve come a long way. I think I’m the happiest person, I’m finally with someone I love, someone I’ve been with. I grew into a woman in his hands, under his watch. He nurtured me, taught me.

What are the things you would say brought this relationship this far?

Patience and obedience. I say patience because it is not easy going into a polygamous home. It has its disadvantages, so does monogamy, anyway. So, patience brought me this far. Obedience, because if I’m not obedient, probably my seniors would have said this one that doesn’t have respect. Above all, I never look down on anybody.

The person working as security operative today could be the key to your success tomorrow. One could be looking for a job and know the MD. He could submit your name and the secretary may decide not to type it.

What was the attraction for you despite the fact that you knew you wouldn’t be his first wife?

Like I said, it started off as friendship and I saw some things in him. He moulded me into the woman I am today. He’s someone who has always been there showing me the way – he’s like me father, my friend, my brother, my everything.

Even when I go the wrong way, he would be angry and shout that you would think he wants to beat me, but he has never laid his hands on me. The next minute he’s laughing. When I was in UNIBEN, this low-waist jeans was in vogue, so I wanted to act my age.

But he sat me down and told me the dress you wear sends out a message which had me thinking. Also, I play a lot, I easily get distracted, I needed who would help with that and he has been that person for me.


Couple’s family speak


‘I feel great and happy’- Bride’s mother, MRS. ROSE IFETEKHAI



How does it feel seeing your daughter get married today?

I feel great, very good.

What is your prayer for this marriage?

My prayer for this marriage is no weapon formed against them shall prosper. They are already great, but they will keep growing. Because my daughter is in Tony’s life, anything he is looking and he is yet to get, God will grant to him.

What’s your advice to your daughter to make her marriage work?

She should be patient, she should respect the woman she met in the house, just as she respected me.


‘We thank God for today’- Bride’s father, CMR RAPHAEL IFETEKHAI (RTD)



How do you feel witnessing this day?

It gladdens my heart and it is to the glory of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. On behalf of my entire family, we thank God for this great day.

What’s your wish for this marriage?

I wish them a blessed, peaceful and fruitful marriage. I pray for long life and children for them. I look forward to carrying my daughter’s babies in my lap.

What was your reaction when your daughter informed you she was getting married, knowing she’s not the first wife?

Her mother is also not my first wife and I love all my children. I just want my daughter to be happy.


‘I am very happy’ – Mrs. Nted Zacchaeus, groom’s mother

I am happy for this marriage, that’s why I came. Else, considering my health I wouldn’t be here. I am very happy and I pray God gives them everlasting peace.


Faith Anthony

Faith Anthony

‘SHE’S FRIENDLY’ – Faith Anthony, groom’s daughter

I’m happy because I really like her. I like her because she’s very kind hearted and friendly; I take her like my mom.


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