Lagos Speaker’s daughter weds -Groom and couple’s parents list their expectations (2)

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‘God will take care of them’ – REV. (MRS.) EDITH DANIEL, Groom’s mother

A (86)-001How do you feel today seeing your son getting married?

Honestly, I feel great and I am grateful to the Most High for this wedding.  I have been waiting for it.

How much of Zainab would you say you know?

I have known her for two years now.  She’s been around me.  She is a good girl and humble and then she is dedicated to her work and she loves God.  That is one thing that drew me closer to her.  The first time I met her there was spiritual connectivity kind of, that made me to like her.  I, being a Reverend Mother, so the whole thing tallied.

So, there was no problem when Femi told you he was getting married to her?

No.  I was so happy.

What is your wish for this marriage?

I wish them the very best.  I know God will take care of them.

What is your advice to them?

Not to hide anything from each other.  They should be together in everything.  If they have any misunderstanding, they should not report to anybody, not even we their parents or uncle or aunties.  They should not report to us.

‘They should resolve things within themselves’-   DR. ADEKUNLE DANIEL, Groom’s brother

A (86)-002Who are you to the groom?

I am the elder brother of the groom.  I have to stand in as the father of the groom today because we lost our father about six months ago.  He died in October.  My uncles are abroad and they are too old to travel.

What part of Nigeria are the Daniels from?

We are from Igbosere in Lagos.  The full name is Matthew Daniel.  My grandfather decided we use only Daniel.

So, how do you feel today that your brother is getting married?

I am happy.  The couple started this journey over two years ago.  I have been able to interact with them.  Of course, I know my brother very well.  We are very close.  The difference in our ages is less than two years.  We also attended the same university.

Which university is that?

University of Ibadan.  But he was my junior.  Like I said, we are very close.  He confides in me and I confide in him too.  When he began to date his wife, he told me and we went out together a few times.  From that time, I found out she is very humble and calm.  She is also a diligent person.

Were you aware then she is the daughter of Lagos House of Assembly Speaker?

Yes, I was and I must confess initially I was a bit worried.


My family is a very quiet one.  My father was a very quiet and private person.

Was he also a medical doctor?

Yes.  He was also ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) doctor.  He was a very private person who did not like any fanfare.  But later when I met her in person, I realized she was very amiable.  And when we met the family, all my fears developed wings and flew away.

What is your wish for the marriage?

What can one wish a couple that you believe their marriage was made in heaven?  I wish them all the best.  I wish they will always communicate with each other.  Whatever they have, they should discuss between themselves.  They should try and resolve things within themselves.  Of course, I also wish the marriage will be fruitful.  They will have many children.  I wish them all the best.

What is your advice to them?

They should put God first and love each other.

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