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Lagosian applaud Lagos state noise pollution policy

The restrictions on live bands at beer parlours, restaurants and food joints by Lagos state government has generated a lot of reactions from Lagosians. This ban comes with a fine of N500,000 if violated, and it is imposed to minimize the effect of noise pollution. 

However, the ban is not limited to entertainment centres alone  as the government has also warned religious houses to procure sound proof equipment reduce noise pollution in their areas. Report has it that several churches, mosques, hotels and club houses have been shut down due to excessive noise.

Lagosians have these to say…


Mr Isiaka Fadeyi  

It is good, if government can work on it, because sometimes if there is crises going on, you will no be able to here anything. In my area, the landlord association has made a law that all generators sets should be off by 11pm. So I love the idea if government can work on it.


Mrs Ayokunumi Rachel 

This is not the first time of hearing this, but my question is, will it work? Because in my area here they are a lot of shops, not only beer parlours or food joints that have speakers.  Even barbing saloons and many more like that, the volume of their music will be so high. It will be a good idea if government can work on it.


Oyemade Dorcas 

I think the ban is a welcome development, at least it will help to minimise noise in the environment. There are some areas where we have churches, mosques and even beer parlours all on one street and every of them just act without considering the well being of the residents. It is a welcome idea.


Onagbede Sherifat

It’s a good one from the government. I will also want to urge the government to urge  the government to look into the location of all these religious houses. You will find a church located in a space meant for shops, some it is even a room in the same house where people are staying. This kind of thing should be disallowed. Churches and mosques should be located properly where they won’t disturb people.


Christian Gideon

It’s okay. I think it will go a long way in bringing peace to the environment. If the churches and mosques can use sound proof as instructed by the government, everyone will be at peace.


Sulaimon Zainab

To me, it’s fine. But I also want to acknowledge the fact that it will affect the majority of religious houses. Like the mosques now, they usually do their call to prayer 5 times daily and it is mostly through speakers to call the Muslim brethren to worship. If they now have to use sound proof, how will they be able to reach the worshippers? I am not against what the government is trying to do, it’s for our own good. But all the same, the religious bodies should be considered because they don’t make noise unnecessarily.


Famuyiwa Juliet

If the government can implement this, not only in Lagos state but all over Nigeria, it will be very good. This disturbance has to stop.


Alimi Korede

Seeing is believing. I do not have much to say now. Though, l have heard about it before, but l am yet to see the government swing into action. Let’s just hope things will work out, it will just be fine.




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