Lagosians divided over domestic workers paying tax


Mixed reactions have greeted the inclusion of artisans and domestic workers in the payment of tax as introduced by Lagos State government. As many people have kicked against the new policy, some have seen nothing wrong about it.

Some Lagosians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to also poured out their divergent views on the new tax system.


‘I don’t buy the idea’ – WAHEED ALAO

I don’t buy the idea of domestic workers paying tax because their masters are already paying. If such people are made to be paying tax, it will amount to double taxation. But that of artisans is compulsory. Even, most of them are paying already. They can’t operate without the permit from the government.

Artisans should be made to pay tax because they also generate income for themselves, and they also enjoying social amenities in the state. We only pray that the money generated from this tax campaign is well utilized.


‘There is nothing wrong in that’ – EMMANUEL NNANA

There is nothing wrong in domestic workers or artisans paying tax. It’s not only in Lagos that’s applicable. It’s in practiced even in Cameroun, Republic of Benin and other parts of West Africa or even Africa as a whole. It also obtains abroad.

Everybody makes use of the facilities provided by the government so far you reside in that particular state, you need to contribute your quota by way of paying tax. It’s only the percentage that may vary. So, I support what Lagos state government has introduced. But the most important thing is that the revenue realized from such should be channeled towards further development of the state.


‘How do you tax them?’ – BOLA MODUPE

I believe it’s all part of the drive to improve the Internally Generated Revenue of the state, but I’m wondering how this will be enforced.

Many of them don’t use banks, that is especially true in the case of housemaids. How do you tax them?
‘Government should think of another thing’ – TOFUNMI ADEWUMI

It seems this new government both at state and federal level is bent on increasing the burden of the people.

Is it not the same people that they promised to better their lives?

Is it only through tax that government can make money? Can’t they invest in other areas and generate revenue from there?


‘it is absurd and uncalled for’ – TOLULOPE ALAO

No, it is absurd and uncalled for. How much do these people earn as salary. I don’t know what this government is turning into. What will they invest the money on? They are just looking for how to fill their purses and build more investments for themselves.


‘It is not a bad idea’ – MR. RASHEED

It is not a bad idea because furniture makers pay tax so, if they pay tax from their salaries, it will help the government create funds so far the government does not bill them too much. So, nobody is above the law.


‘I totally agree with that’ – TAIWO ADIO

I totally agree with artisans paying tax but domestic workers, no. How much do they earn that they would start paying tax, the money isn’t enough for them.


‘Ambode shouldn’t make life harder for domestic workers’ – BISI THOMAS 

The governor of Lagos state shouldn’t make life harder for domestic workers. If they had enough, would they bring themselves down to be domestic workers? Artisans can be taxed but it should be too much because some of them don’t make much money too.


‘I can’t make sense out of it really’ – KUBURAT BELLO

I can’t make sense out of it really. It is uncalled for. How much are they earning that they will pay tax. Is it not over taxing, their employers have paid, they will still pay again. The money is coming from the same source. It is not necessary.
‘I think it is not a bad idea’ – GIFT EMMA

I think it is not a bad idea. Since it is only one percent of their income that will be paid. It is a means of generating income for the state. It will be eventually used to develop the state, provide necessary infrastructure and at the end of the day, we will have a better place to live ,that is if fraudsters allow it to work.


‘It’s unfair’ – KUDIRAT SANUSI

I am a market woman, I don’t support any payment of tax again after paying for a lock-up permit. The permit is not, we pay for it. So, do I need to pay any tax again? May be we need more explanation from Governor Akinwunmi Ambode on that.

I don’t think he should be doing this to us after we all gave him our support doing the election. It’s unfair.


‘It’s not a bad idea’ – EZEKIEL SHONAYA

It’s not a bad idea for the state government to be collecting tax from artisans and domestic workers. It happens elsewhere but the percentage of the tax to be paid out of their income should be very minimal. And they should be made to understand the reason they’re to pay the tax.

My advise is that such money should not be diverted to unnecessary projects. It should be channeled to masses oriented projects.



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