Lagosians lament failure of Tenancy Law (2)

More than a year after the Lagos Tenancy bill was passed into law, Lagosians still lament non compliance of the law aimed at protecting the rights of tenants in the state. Cross section of Lagosians we spoke to still stated that the law has not been effective, blaming the development on lack of monitoring of compliance by the government…


The tenancy law is working as landlords stick to the one year house rent unlike before. I think offenders should be severally punished.


The tenancy law is not working. Landlords still over price and demand more than a year’s rent. The government should set up a regulatory body to monitor the law.


I don’t think so, a friend of mine still paid two years advance for her house a couple of days ago. I don’t think they have made any one a scapegoat.


It is not working at all, landlords still collect two years rent, agent fee is still there. They won’t allow your rent expire before they start knocking at your door for another year’s rent. Government should revisit it and put stiffer punishment for offenders.


The Lagos Tenancy Law is the plain truth. I suggest that the Lagos State House of Assembly should amend the law so as to strengthen it in the interest of tenants.


I don’t think this law is working here. Landlords still maltreat tenants. And I think they should take their destiny in their hands.


I don’t think some landlords and tenants are even aware of the law because they don’t live by it in some parts of our area. Left to me, I am a new tenant and I paid two-year-rent with other charges before I was allowed in. I think the government should get some culprits arrested and prosecuted so that they can serve as deterrent to others.


I don’t even think tenancy law can work in Lagos State. This is a state where we have a lot of defiant landlords. They still charge rent without following the provision of the law. I think the best the government can do to achieve total or maximum compliance is to setup a task force with sincerity of purpose. And the rent strictly regulated.


Tenancy law is not working, forget it. The minimum you pay for rent is 2 years, and N100, 000 agreement and commission. In fact, some are even collecting 3 years, particularly the developers. So, I think it’s not working.


Agreed that the tenancy law is not working, no doubt about that, but I think, we (the tenants), are the problem. Do you know why? We don’t know our rights. How many people have deemed it fit to sue his or her landlord? Do we have any such cases in court? This is the issue. Government should re-orientate Lagosians, especially the landlords on the implication of violation of the law.


It is working with some landlords, but to some of them it is a taboo. Some landlords will ask you, did you build my house for me? If you can adhere to it, another person will.


I think a lot of people do not respect or comply with the law. The government should do more by providing affordable housing to Lagosians

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