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Lagosians wail about hot weather

‘We’re finding it difficult coping’


The current heat wave being experienced across the country at the moment is getting unbearable as the earth is getting even hotter at night.
The change in climate and constant abuse of the environment by man which leads to excessive discharge of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere are said to be largely responsible for the intense heating of the surface which has started a couple of months back, and may not subside any soon.
However, the situation is not peculiar to Nigeria alone. It’s reportedly being experienced by the entire tropical region of the world.
On Thursday, March 17,2016, encomium.ng had a chat with some Lagosians on how they cope with the harsh weather.


‘The heat is just too much’ -AYO OSHO
Honestly, the heat is just too much now. I can’t even explain what could have caused it. I find it difficult to cope. Even, my ceiling fans are not helpful at moment, and I don’t have Air Conditioners in my house. So, it’s always a very strange experience to me, even at night. I don’t cover my body any more at night. And when I want to sleep, I open all the windows, put my fans on. With that, I enjoy my sleep a little. And in the afternoon, I restrict my movement a little. I don’t just move about unless on unavoidable assignments.

It’s not easy coping’-OBI UZOR
The current weather is unusual. If it continues like this for like three months, people will be falling sick. Some will even be collapsing on the roads.
It’s not been easy coping with the excessive heat. It’s just too much. At times, I wake at night two or three times and bathe so that my body will be cool a bit before the day breaks. Now, I don’t close my doors and windows unless there is light and my Air Conditioners will be on throughout. But unfortunately, we’re no longer enjoying reliable power supply. That makes everything more difficult now as the heat gets tougher by the day. We pray the rain starts fully, may be the heat may reduce.

 ‘The heat is getting unbearable’ -GRACE EMEM
My brother, the weather is just too hot now. I can’t even say whether I am coping or not because I sweat every minute whether it’s sunny or not. I think we need divine intervention in our country, especially here in Lagos. My children have started developing rashes, and they’re always not comfortable now at night.
@Tade Asifat, encomium.ng

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