Last days of Bravo Weekly publisher, Dada Eriye – ‘The incident came out of the blues’ – Festus Eriye, Elder brother (Editor, Sunday edition, The Nation Newspaper)


We condole with you on the death of your brother.  How do you feel?

I am heart-broken, every member of the family is heart-broken.  We cannot put to words what we feel.  There is no way to describe how you feel when one loses a brother.  We are just one year apart.

2How would you describe your last moment with him?

We spoke less than a week before he passed on.  We were discussing, he called to get some information and we chatted.  It just came out of the blues because he was not sick at all.  The incident just happened, it’s very sad.  He was a cheerful person until he passed on.

What is the last fun memory you had together?

I remember when his first daughter got married, the event was held in my house.  The introduction was in my house, I still have that memory with me.  When we were dancing, I told him that we are all getting old.

What would you miss about him?

He was my brother but we related like friends.  We are in the same industry.  I got him his first job in journalism, we were just too close.  I will miss everything about him.

How would you cope without him?

Christ is our rock.  I can’t imagine how I will cope without him. I have the assurance that God is sufficient for us.

What would you say were his unfulfilled dreams?

He wanted to own a magazine and he became a publisher.  I think he got that, but obviously he would have wanted it to be bigger.  Like every other publisher in the industry, he was facing challenges.

In what way would you help the family?

The family was committed to him.  We are one family and I can assure you that what he couldn’t do for his family, I believe God would do better.

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