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Lekan Shonde’s fresh revelations in exclusive interview – 16 new shockers

Lekan Shonde, the alleged killer of his wife and mother of his two children, Ronke, who was found in their apartment in the morning of Friday, May 6, 2016, at Egbeda-Idimu, Lagos, was interviewed by Chris Kehinde Nwandu yesterday ( Monday, May 9 ) in the office of ACP Tunji DISU, the commander of Lagos’ Rapid Response Squad.

In the interview, the man in his 50s who reportedly looked distraught and tired after being on the run for four days was with his friends, Sunday Nwaobi and Gbenga Sholuki. They were the ones who persuaded him to surrender.

In the interview, Lekan Shonde made these fresh 16 revelations :

  1. ‘I didn’t kill her, l didn’t kill her,’ he said inaudibly, repeatedly. ‘God is my witness’
  2. He admitted that they had issues that Thursday (May 5) night.
  3. ‘My wife changed when she started working for a packaging company in Lagos. She comes late from work, and works Monday through Sunday.’
  4. That she neglected her matrimonial duties, not taking care of their two children and her husband. Hardly cooking.
  5. ‘I have two cars which my wife used at will since l don’t drive’.
  6. ‘ She had my ATMs and spent my money as she deemed fit’.
  7. He said he hired s nanny, paid N20,000 monthly.
  8. That his wife travelled to Abuja for four days the previous week. ‘ l gave her N20,000 to support her trip’.
  9. That his son told him while his wife was in Abuja that he heard the voice of a man in the background.
  10. One of friends told him a day before his wife returned from Abuja that she went with her boss. That they were in the same hotel, in the same room.
  11. When she returned, he walked in to her having a conversation with her boss, describing how enjoyable their sex sessions were. ‘ l really enjoyed all our love making, my whole private part is now paining me from all your bangings. I can’t wait for us to have a repeat of the action, you are the best my love.’
  1. After confronting her, she knelt down and started begging.
  2. He decided to call the man having an affair with Ronke, and the man also started begging Lekan.
  3. On another occasion, on a Sunday, his wife feigned tiredness and said she was not going to church. He went, but had to return quickly when he noticed his envelope for tithe and offering was left at home. Only for him to find her boss and Ronke preparing to go out.
  4. Ronke, he stated, starved him of sex on the pretext that she was always tired.
  5. ‘I gave my wife N1,500 everyday, apart from her monthly allowance. ‘

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