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Man spends N850 and wins N48,000 washing machine

Thursday, October 1, 2015 is a day that Charles Oluwagbemi will remember for a long time.

While Nigeria celebrated her independence, the 28 year-old businessman walked into the Victoria Island branch of Spar to buy some household supplies worth about N850, only to get far more than what he bargained for.

After paying for the items with his Verve card, he was informed to his visible surprise that not only did he receive 5% money back on his purchase, but he had also won an instant prize in the ongoing Verve Shop Small Win Big campaign. His prize? A brand new Royal washing machine worth N48,600! That’s a return of approximately 5600% on his N850. Quite a businessmen this guy…

Mr. Charles was not alone in winning an exciting instant prize as Duke, who dropped by to pick up a few groceries from Spar, also walked away with a brand new tabletop refrigerator worth N28,000. Independence Day thus turned into astonishment day for these lucky customers.

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