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Marriage has not truncated my career, says star actress, Dakore Egbuson-Akande

Beautiful and articulate Dakore Egbuson-Akande is one of the sexiest actress in Nollywood. Happily married to Olumide Akande, son of billionaire businessman, Harry Akande, the Trofani, Bayelsa State born thespian in a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly unbuttoned her mind on martial life, motherhood, career and much more.


What has Dakore been doing after marriage?

I had a baby to the glory of God. I had a baby girl and I have been busy raising her as well as being a wife.

Don’t you think your fans have missed your beautiful face?

I am sure they have and I am grateful for that as well. But life is a circle. I am an actor but having a family is important to me and I am very sure my fans can appreciate that. But I am back, I just finished shooting a movie entitled, Journey to Self I also considered my fans and I said to myself when my daughter is old enough, I can come back to the movie industry.

The movie I just finished is a testament to the fact that I am still very much around.

Was the movie produced by you?

No. It was produced by Ashionye Raccah and Tosin. It also starred Nse Ikpe Etim. Katherine Edoho, Kalu Ikeagwu and it was directed by Tope Oshin Ogun.

What do you enjoy most about acting?

Being an actor for me is the greatest way to create a character that is believable, that the audience can really explore. That is fun and being creative and a chance to exhibit the talent given to me by God.

Dakore-Egbuson-and-Olu-AkandeYour most memorable experience?

There are lot of memorable experiences. The combination of what happened on set while we were making the movie, getting recognition and good feedback from my fans. That makes me feel validated that I am doing a good job. Winning awards has also been great and I have been blessed with many.

It has always been rewarding and everything that has happened to me as an actor has been memorable.

How have you been enjoying marital life?

I have been doing pretty well. I have been doing fine and it is fun and I am happy to be married.

How would you describe your husband?

Please, I don’t want to talk about my husband like that. He is a great guy that is all I can say.

How does it feel to be a mother?

It feels amazing. It is the best thing ever and we are so blessed as a family to have her. It is definitely wonderful and also very challenging trying to balance the role between being a mom, wife and an actor but it is so rewarding. Luckily, I have a great support system, my mom makes it easier, always ready to help.

What is the joy of motherhood?

Everything and the fact that is a miracle and God use us as mothers to bring new life into the world. I look at it as a very philosophical point. It is a very spiritual and a thumb up to every mom because it is not easy, and I appreciate it now that I am a mom and that makes me value my mom more.

What is your baby’s name and how old is she now?

No! I am not going to tell you her name now. She is still young, you guys will get to know her soon. Just let me enjoy her a little. She is almost one.

What are your dreams and wishes for her?

I pray she grows up to be wonderful, polite, God fearing young lady. And I would support her in whatever God leads her to do. I am not going to be one of those parents that impose on their children, I am not going to impose anything on her and I would bring her up with the fear of God and allow God’s wish come to pass in her life.

Some parents impose their expectations on their children and I am not going to be one of them because my mom did not do that to me. Look at what I am and how I came to be. So, I am not going to impose anything on her.

Now that you are back, how do you intend to juggle motherhood with your career?

I am just going to do it and I will be led by God. Even though I am a wife, a mom and an actor, that is what I was doing before I became all those things. So, I want to grow in that regard and more so, it is not easy because you have a husband and a child to think about. As I said, I have a great support system. My mom has been my rock. I have a great nanny, my siblings, I have four siblings, they all take turns. So, between all of that, I think I am able to juggle it so far, but my family will always come first.

How supportive has your husband been?

Wonderful! 100 percent. If he was not supporting me, I would not be doing it. I want to use this medium to clear the air. I don’t know why they went ahead to say because I became a wife my career was over. That is a very archaic way of thinking. Women these days and age work. We have responsibilities. But I did not say anything because everything one says about me, I won’t have time to do anything with my life. But I went on with my life. I have a new movie, and by God’s grace, I will still do more.

Yes, it’s going to be challenging but I am in no way done yet. And my husband is 100 percent supportive of my career. I would not marry someone that would not want me to be who I am.

Being married and single, which do you enjoy most?

Actually I enjoyed being married now I had to be single before I got married. I enjoy both. I enjoyed being single to pursue my career and do a lot of great things. But I am happier now that I am a wife, a mom and I am able to do other great things. So, I can say I prefer one over the other that is a circle of life. You have to go from crawling to walking and it is a passage of life.

Now that you are married, how do you ward off male admirers?

My male admirers appreciate the fact that I am married and they are just as great as my female admirers. Even before I got married, everyone respected me.

You are looking beautiful as ever, what is the secret?

I do a lot of exercise. I don’t diet but eat healthy. I try to be happy and I also work out a lot even during my pregnancy and after birth. You have to do it or else you will go out of shape and I have to be healthy for my daughter.

What is that beauty item you cannot do without?

Water, and washing my face before going to bed. I drink a lot of water. Water is just life.

What does fashion and style mean to you?

Fashion is what is in vogue and style is person and I try to compliment the two, see what is in fashion and see what compliments my style. I love fashion, I love colours. I am so proud of Nigeria especially now, fashion is just taking off in Nigeria.

What would you never be caught wearing?

I used to like super mini skirt, mirco mini skirt. I have definitely passed the age for that, that is the worst but I could wear anything modest and decent.

In this generation where divorce and separation are so rampant, as a young woman, what are you doing to keep your marriage intact?

It is not only in the entertainment industry divorce and separation happen. Unfortunately we are in the public eyes so everything about us is amplified but everybody is going through it. For me, what I am doing is keeping God at the centre of the foundation of my marriage. I think all we can do is to try to communicate and do all the things that makes a relationship work. But the most important thing in marriage is God first and keeping communication open.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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