Meet Buhari’s In-Law, Muhammadu  Indimi

Alhaji Muhammadu Indimi, from Borno, was labelled Africa’s 37th richest man in 2014… and now, he is the in-law of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Here are a few facts about the father of Zahra Buhari’s husband (Ahmed Indimi)…

He was born in August 1947 (69 years old).

Reportedly worth over $670 million

He is chairman of Oriental Energy Resources Ltd since September 1990.

He’s married to Hajiya Samsu Samara.

Some of his children are  Ahmed, Mariama, Amouna, Ameena Indimi Dalhattu, Amina Indimi Fodio, Mustapha, Ibrahim, Yakolo Indimi Babangida and Jubrila

He has oil fields offshore.

Sits on several boards.

And he’s a philanthropist.

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