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Meet Ghana’s 6 wealthiest businessmen

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The following men have been ranked the richest entrepreneurs and business men in Ghana due to their interest and contributions to human development and creation of job opportunities not only in Ghana but around the globe. They were also selected based on their assets, properties and performance on the Ghana Stock Exchange Market. However, topping the list are three billionaires as identified by research company, Goldman Capital and they include Charles Ampofo with a net worth of 1.46 billion dollars; Ernseto Taricone comes second with a net worth of 1.3 billion dollars and Dr. Sam Jonah with a net worth of 1.2 billion dollars.

Encomium Weekly presents the profile of these top business men in Ghana.


  • Charles Ampofo ($1.46 b)

1-Ampofo-370x317A member of the Global Fortune Forum and founder of Kampac Group, Mr. Ampofo made his wealth from oil and gas with its headquarters in Dubai with other  branches in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Greece, etc. Although, the company’s primary business is oil, they are also involved in some other business interests like travels, properties, flora, telecoms and research.

He also has a financial service and funds transfer company called Ampofo Universal Transfer Service. Through that platform, he went on to build a multi banking network in Cote D’Ivorie which has 24 branches. It is also said that his group is currently building one of the largest energy cities in the Philippines and upon completion, the company will be one of the top 50 oil companies in the far East.


  • Ernesto Taricone ($1.3b)

1-ErnestoComing second on the list, chairman of Trasacco Group, Ernesto Taricone, an Italian fell in love with the Black Star country and his wife with whom he has built his business and family empire with, made his riches from real estate and ventured into other business like furniture making which are designed with a high level of craftsmanship and utilizes the highest grade of materials. The company is also known for bringing the leading Italian designs and high quality yet affordable products to Ghanaians due to the special love the family claims they have for Ghana. Mr. Ernesto was once quoted saying, “When I first came to Ghana, I fell in love with a wonderful country and a wonderful woman with whom I created my big family”. Guess that’s one of the reasons he decided to stay and established his business to the benefits of the country at large which is evident in the job creation for over four thousand Ghanaians.


  • Sam Jonah ($1.2b)

1-samuel-jonah-620x620Dr. Sam is currently the Chancellor of University of Cape Coast in Ghana. The chairman of Jonah Capital, an equity fund based in Johannesburg, South Africa took over the affairs of Ashanti Goldfields at  36 and turned the mining company into a multinational with a turn out from 240,000 ounces per annum to 1.6 million ounces in 10 years and oversaw the company’s listing as the first operating African company on the New York Exchange.

Now 65, the hardworking billionaire is the chairman of board companies like Equator Exploration, Scharrig Mining, Equinox Minerals, Moto Goldmines Ltd and lots more. In this regard, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, in recognition of his contribution and exceptional achievements as an African businessman, conferred him with honorary knighthood which was presented by the Prince of Wales in 2003.


  • Nabil Edmund Mourkazel ($900 m)

1-Nabil_MoukarzelIs the chairman of Finatrade Group of Companies being the largest share owner of the company. The company is believed to be one of the largest food manufacturing companies in Ghana and West Africa at large.  The company deals with international branded soft commodities and a range of own commodities like; Sultana Rice, Rice Master, Bella Rice and Delicio Rice, thereby controlling 50 percent out of 70 percent of rice imports in Ghana. Providing jobs for about 2000 Ghanaians, Finatrade, through its other chain of companies also distribute and market frozen foods, sugar, vegetable oil, dairy products, animal feeds, beverages, marbles, kitchen wares, etc. With its presence in seven West African countries, Finatrade is considered the largest commodity and distribution company in Ghana.

However, the Lebanese business man, in a report online was quoted as saying the report is pure fiction because his fortunes do not only come from commodities and also describes being named one of Ghana’s business men as ‘not true, dangerous and wishful thinking” and refused to grant an interview regarding the report and describing it as attention “unneeded”.


  • Ibrahim Mahama ($860m)

1-ibrahim_mahamaIbrahim Mahama is the younger brother of President John Dramani Mahama, the incumbent president of Ghana.  The young man was said to have made his billions from the mining business, renting out mining machinery to companies that cannot afford them, and generally jobs with mining companies in Ghana with a net of worth 1.9 billion dollars. Reported to have been the first individual to own a private jet in Ghana, the young billionaire also runs a multi milion dollar company which is into construction, crashing and reclamation sites for mining. Described as  down to earth and a generous giver, Ibrahim Mahama, who was into construction ventured into the mining business when he did a contract with Goldfields International and never looked back in investing in the business despite the risk. It is also said he is highly connected to former presidents of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings, John Kufour and other political big wigs in the country.


  • Kofi Amoah ($341 m)

1-_Dr_Kofi_AmoahAlso making the list of top businessmen in Ghana is the founder and originator of the Western Money Union Transfer in Africa and it is reported that he gets a certain commission on every amount transferred to Africa via the Western Union Transfer which is about 250 million dollars. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Progency Ventures Incorporated and the citizen, Kofi Entertainment Centre, without forgetting that he also worked at the Northrop Electronic Data System (EDS), Southeast Investment Corporation Development, Elsafe Incorporated and lots more in the United States which makes him a top notch in his line of profession.  Dr. Kofi’s professional experience, however, covers investment services, business management and development.

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