Meet the cast of Ivie Okujaye’s movie, Make A Move


MAKE  A Move is a Nigerian dance movie produced by AMBO 5 winner, Ivie Okujaye.  The film which has been released for the cinema, parades stars like Tina Mba, Beverly Naya, Denrele Edun, 2Face Idibia, Omawumi Megbele and a host of others.

The movie tells a story of Osas (Ivie Okujaye) and her younger sister, Eseosa (Helga Sosthenes) who came from a troubled home and later found comfort in dancing and used it as a means to get away from their home which was falling apart.

‘I have never experienced any abuse’  – IVIE OKUJAYE

IvieTHE producer of the newly released movie, Make A Move, Ivie Okujaye has insisted the storyline is not her life story.  ‘I just love good movies and I want to pass across a good message to the people.’

How would you describe the movie, Make A Move?

The movie is about the emancipation of two sisters who escape from home abuse.

Is the storyline your past experience?

Not at all. I have never experienced abuse in whatever form.  I just love good movies and to pass across a message that we need to help children in situations of abuse.

For how long did it take to complete the movie?

It took a while because of clash of schedules.  The storyline is a good one that was why it attracted some of the big stars in the industry.

How much did the movie gulp?

I have not been able to estimate how much we spent, but the money was enough to get us what we wanted.

How much are you expecting to make from the movie?

It is a risk for me because it is a fact that you can’t get all your money in a single film.  But I am happy I did it.  I am, however, hopeful I make my money in the end.

‘I am a complete actress’ – TINA MBA

tinaMOSTLY seen in soap operas, actress Tina Mba played the role of Osas (Ivie) mother in the movie. She spoke about her influence on the producer.

Let us into the role you played in the movie, Make A Move?

I am the mother of Osas (Ivie Okujaye), a mother who has gone through a lot as a widow.  However, she still believes a woman needs to be with a man.  So, at the expense of the safety of her children, she gets a proposal from a guy, Tunde, played by Wale Adebayo (Sango).  Eventually, the new husband and her daughter don’t see eye to eye.  The daughter has pride.  She and her younger sister were very close.  The love of a mother was disconnected from their lives.

This is a movie coming from a younger actress, how would you describe the production?

When Ivie was in AMBO house, I was one of her judges.  I judged her critically so she knows me.  We developed a relationship after that. On set, she understands production.  She did everything herself.  She is a workaholic.  We all encouraged her and she just went on and on until the whole scenes were done.

You do more of soaps than movies, which one of the two are you more comfortable with?

I am an artiste, I am comfortable in both movies and soaps. I only accept jobs that pay me and have content in terms of message.  I do films. I have done a couple of Yoruba movies. I do stage plays. The most important thing is the encouragement from the fans.  They are the life wire.

‘It’s a movie for everyone’ – ENO EKPENYOUNG

Ivie,Ibinabo,Victor Godfrey,Helga,Tina and Eno EkpenyongENO is new on the scene but he feels like he has been there for long.  He played the role of Osas’ boyfriend.

What is your impression about the movie?

It is an amazing movie.  The script is excellent.  It is a big story that talks about issues that affect every young girl, even guys too.  They have one or two lessons to take home from the movie.

Is this your first production?

No, I have done few others. I have done stage plays.

For how long have you been in Nollywood?

For over a year now, this is my first Nollywood movie. But I have done few productions.

How would you describe your role in the movie?

I played the role of Osas’ boyfriend.

Why do you think the producer chose you?

The character requires someone who can dance, someone who is confident and I am a professional dancer.  I went for the audition and I was picked.  Being in a dance film is like a dream come true for me.  I was not treated as someone who just came on the scene.  It was amazing.  I would like to do more of this.

‘I just had fun’ –  DENRELE EDUN

Denrele-EdunTHE weird one, Denrele acted as one of the judges in the dance movie.

What role did you play in Make A Move?

I, 2Face and Omawumi are the three judges in the movie. It was hell getting the three of us together.  While the other two were ready, I would be somewhere else but I admire Ivie’s tenacity, patience and persistence.  The day she finally got 2Face and Omawumi, I was about to travel.  I had to postpone my trip just for her. I ran to the set and we had an amazing time out.  Ivie is an amazing actress.  I had a blast.  Funny enough, they gave me a script but I didn’t follow it.

You have appeared in few movies, what is your experience in this sector?

The experience has been amazing.  I appeared in The Return of Jenifa, Omo Ghetto and few others.  I am having fun.

What is your impression about the movie?

With the script I read and from the trailer I saw, it is an amazing movie everybody must watch.  After I played my part, I stayed back to watch few scenes.  Honestly, this is a movie for this time.

‘My future ambition’  – HELGA SOSTHENES

pic_gallery_1_6AT just 11, Helga Sosthenes is regarded as one of the most brilliant kid actors. She is the heart and soul of Make A Move.

What role did you play in the movie?

I played Eseosa, the younger sister of Osas (Ivie Okujaye).

What was it like acting at this level?

It was fun, it was scary.

Is this your first movie?

I have acted in few others.

How long have you been doing this?

Since I was nine.

What level are you in your education?

I am in JSS 1.

How old are you?


What is your future ambition?

To be good in whatever I am doing, to be a superstar.

‘We are like one family on location’ – VICTOR GODFREY

Ivie,Ibinabo,Victor Godfrey,Helga,Tina and Eno Ekpenyong-001ALSO, one of the new faces on the scene, Victor Godfrey, a professional dancer dazzled in the movie.

How will you describe the role you played in the movie?

The role of a dancer. I belong to a dancing group alongside Ivie, Eno, Beverly Naya and others.

How would you describe the movie in terms of message and content?

It is a movie that touches every aspect of Nigerians, the struggle for survival, to make it against all odds.  It touches also on family, the issue of child abuse, the neglect of a mother, the daughter’s complaint and their escape through dance.  It is a movie for everyone.

Is this your first time out?

I have done just a few.  This is the third movie I will be doing with Ivie, the others are yet to be released.

What was the experience on set?

Amazing, we are like a family.  Personally, I am a dancer. I love to dance.  There was too much fun.

Why do you think you were picked for the role?

Ivie actually picked someone else because I had conflicting schedules in Abuja.  But because we have worked on two projects, she insisted I play the role.

-Interviews by FOLUSO SAMUEL

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